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新嫁娘词 唐代:王建 三日入厨下,洗手作羹汤。 未谙姑食性,先遣小姑尝。 The wolf and the ancient poetry, a channel for non-professional readers, bring you non-professional ancient Chinese poetry screams. Like to subscribe!
15 Oct 2019
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鹿柴 唐代:王维 空山不见人,但闻人语响。 返景入深林,复照青苔上。 The wolf and the ancient poetry, a channel for non-professional readers, bring you non-professional ancient Chinese poetry screams. Like to subscribe!
15 Oct 2019
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Do not scream, wake people up
25 Sep 2019
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Watch David take the Coaster Challenge in our latest episode.
28 Sep 2019
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:On The Agenda Today: -Social Media Diversification -OSTO Opportunities -Free To You Helps OSTO Stay AdFree -The Screaming Memer with Bob Noxious -Thank You.
23 Sep 2019
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This is a scene from Darkman III: Die Darkman Die (known by troglodytes as Darkman 3), for which I've provided my personal analysis below. At first glance it appears to be a simple 'escape from an exploding building' scene, depicted in numerous trite films. However, upon close observation, it becomes apparent that the aforementioned "dark man" and his female acquaintance, along with her child, are at numerous times engulfed in flames. Yet in the very next shot, we see the mother and her daughter in a hospital. The mother appears unscathed. Meanwhile, the child, though in a terrible condition, has only been burnt due to some errant steam in a previous scene. Darkman, however, is nowhere to be found, only appearing later to miraculously save the day, in the cliche heroic format we've come to predictably expect. He, too, appears unharmed. But how is it that they are seemingly unaffected by the inferno through which they ran? The neanderthal would likely resort to baseless criticisms, claiming this was a case of inconsistent filming. It is expected that the baser members of society will attack art as unintelligent due to their own inability to understand it. But they are wrong. The protagonists did not escape the inferno unscathed. They did not escape at all. Note the scream of agony at 0:30. This was not some surprised shout. It was a death cry. Consumed in the fires of that hell, they all expired. Perhaps unable to cope with their tragic deaths, they chose to believe they were continuing their existences, proceeding on with their lives that had already ended. The clues are all there, but I've gone on far too long, and it would be better to allow others to come to these conclusions through their own observations. And I'm tired anyway, so I'm going to go look at porn now.
20 Sep 2019
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Don’t View Any Herbalife Reviews Until You’ve Watched My Story! Herbalife Distributors May or May NOT get Flustered… You have probably gotten the question a lot of times if you are either a rep of Herbalife or if you're yearning to sign up, and the question is one of the best Herbalife reviews you can witness. ...I'm sure the reps are fed up of answering the question so I will explain my perspectives, share my Herbalife reviews, and what I've speculated about the supposed Herbalife scam since I've been in the business space. Thus unlike other authors and promoters who tell you a long sob story and cheesy answer, I am going to scream straight up and down, Herbalife is NOT a fraud! Do you really think the Gym is a fake thing? Do you think the school system is a scam? No? So why would you refer to a trusted affiliate marketing corporation in that way? The minute you join the Herbalife business, you are paying for weight loss products you must put to USE in order to see the transformation in your life.
4 Oct 2019
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This has got to be one of the Ugliest Screams ever! This woman watches a ghost car ad, then almost poops in her pants! Turn up your speakers cause she screams real ugly and gross! LOL (think about it isn't this a gross scream?)
24 Dec 2006
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Screaming Minton, you know its weird
31 May 2006
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This time instead of screaming at her toy, she gets mad at the door and then later flys to my camcorder and starts to bark at it.
21 Sep 2006
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Aaarrrgh! Contagious blood curdling screaming. Multi-screen, mobile phone.
24 Oct 2006
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son doing scream audition
21 Dec 2006
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