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Kid-E-Cats call you on an exciting sea adventure! Do you want to go and search for ancient treasures? Lots of challenges and fun activities for kids await you on your way! Are you ready? Let's set off! Fantastic journey with the cats on a big ship is waiting for you in cartoon games! Grandpa Cat found a real map, which shows where a treasure chest is hidden. But the way to the treasure won't be easy, first of all you'll have to get to the island. On the way you will deal with real icebergs, strong wind and even a storm... But the real sailors never give up, so neither shall we! The kittens have prepared interesting mini-games for real travelers! Preschool learning games and fun activities for kids! - "Underwater treasure": dive under the water and find all the gold coins on the bottom of the ocean! - "Diving": find all the fish! Be very attentive, they can hide anywhere! - "Seashells collector": сollect the most beautiful seashells with Candy! - "Whale's photo": take pictures of the whale before he swims away! - "Sea Shower": the whale has got dirty, wash the sea-mud off him! - "Save the dinner": keep the birds away, they shouldn't eat the kittens' dinner! - "Sea fishing": catch as many fish as possible! The cats are getting really close! You only need to find the island now and run to grab the treasure! So the treasure from the chest is... Oh no, you will have to find it out yourself!
30 Mar 2019
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These guys on a tractor go underwater with a tractor and reach the other side. Need oxygen cylinders or they will drown!
2 Aug 2019
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An Octopus, a Lobster, and a Dolphin have the most exciting Under Sea Adventure EVER!!!... Either that or they just talk alot.
15 Sep 2009
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Elat Hayam 1st sail
11 Feb 2007
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Awesome adventures
24 Mar 2018
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Skylanders review part 4. Classic Game Room reviews SKYLANDERS PIRATE SEAS, level 24 in the Skylanders Spyro's Adventure game and part of the Skylanders Pirate Seas Adventure Pack that comes with the Terrafin action figure. Pirate Seas Adventure Pack comes with a well detailed pirate ship that the player sits on to the Portal of Power which activates a new level with Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. A pirate ship suddenly appears at the docks and player replaces pirate ship with a Skylander figure and plays the level! Pirate Seas level is somewhat disappointing compared to the rest of the game and you'll find yourself playing a remake of the Memory card game half the time. Some new items are found and players can upgrade their Skylanders as they crush enemies, etc... CGR Skylanders Pirate Seas video review shows gameplay from Skylanders Spyro's Adventure within the Pirates Seas level.
7 Jul 2012
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A high kite surfing
6 May 2008
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A true account of an epic sea voyage from Southampton, England to Fremantle in Western Austraila by a family who had NO knowledge of sailing as told to Paul England. This book trailer has been created by www.bookpal****.au
6 Jan 2011
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25 May 2010
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********www.createspace**** A 1938 action/adventure film classic starring the magnificent Charles Laughton. Set in the south Pacific it will capture your heart. About 7 minutes here but the full ad free movie is available at ********www.createspace****
25 May 2012
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Explore Mount Parnassus in Greece with Wheeler.
22 Jun 2013
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Explore Mount Parnassus in Greece with Wheeler.
4 Aug 2013
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