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Sea Trips Reykjavík offers luxury whale watching tour, northern lights cruise, private and custom yacht rental in Reykjavík, Iceland.
A time lapse of the Rising Tide Bar on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.
10 Apr 2011
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A Dios sea la Gloria Reflexiones con Video Como agradecerle todas las cosas que has hecho por mí, diste tu vida para mostrar Tu amor por mí. Como expresarte mi gratitud, lo que soy y lo que anhelo ser lo debo todo a Ti. Sólo Dios en su infinita misericordia envió a su hijo para rescate de la humanidad y para tener salvación eterna. A Dios sea la Honra, el honor y la Gloria. Amen
11 Apr 2011
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13 Apr 2011
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Sea Shore Land
14 Apr 2011
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A very simple and easy way to make a sea view.
19 Apr 2011
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Hidden Honeymoon Gems - Dead Sea, Jordan - part of the weddings video series by GeoBeats. The Dead Sea - not on many honeymooners' list and that is exactly why you should consider it. With over 1300 feet below sea level, it is the lowest point on the earth's surface. It is also one of the saltiest places, with a composition of 35% salinity. This sometimes creates fascinating and bizarre crystalline formations around the Dead Sea's shoreline. The salinity of the lake is so high that very few plants or animals can survive. About the only things living in the Dead Sea are the human tourists who come here. It's an idyllic place to relax, with white beaches and bright blue water.
28 Apr 2011
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Deep sea fishing in the Lamu archipelago waters is famous worldwide both for its variety and for the quantity of sport fish caught, including Marlin (striped, black and blue), Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Giant Trevally and Kingfish. The best fishing season is from October through to April and is a wonderful way to spend either a half or full day out on the Indian Ocean. Deep-sea fishing requires 24 hours notice. With superb seafront views over the Ras Kitau bay and Shela village; guests at The Majlis enjoy an idyllic setting and luxury accommodation where they can relax and make the most of the Lamu Archipelago's unaffected charm and extensive recreational activities. 0n the beach holidays; we offer you an opportunity to discover various historical sites; which are still relatively untouched and unexplored.
29 Apr 2011
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BY PAUL ROLFE You're watching multisource environment news analysis from Newsy. Sick and dying sea lions, birds, and dolphins have been washing up on southern California coasts for the past month -- scientists think they know why -- and it’s not the apocalypse. NBC Nightly News spoke to the director of the Marine Mammal Care Center -- he says the cause is something called domoic acid. “Domoic acid toxicity results from a naturally occurring alga bloom in the ocean, and when filter feeders like sardines or anchovies eat this particular diatom, it works its way up the food chain and has a neurological effect on animals like California sea lions.” CBS Evening News reports marine centers have been rescuing record numbers of sea lions this year. They say the cause of death could also be over-population. “The center has already rescued 172 sea lions this year, 139 percent more than last year. It’s the same story 400 miles north in San Francisco ... They’ve rescued a record 890 California sea lions, one ended up in a squad car after being found on the highway ... Part of the problem could be over-population. A record 59,000 of these animals were born along the coast last year.” But most sources are reporting the domoic toxins are to blame. The director of Marine Animal Rescue tells Manhattan Beach Patch -- it’s the obvious cause. “It's obvious from the stress on their face and behavior and having seizures on the beach, it's all domoic acid ... The pregnant sea lions are hard ones to watch, and the pups inside of them don't fare very well.” KTTV in L.A. says recent massive die-offs of fish may also be a result of the toxic algae blooms. “And this acid can cause seizures, paralysis, foaming of the mouth. In fish this can cause them to be disoriented. So it’s thought that it may have been the reasons why millions of fish swam into King Harbor, you may recall, last month. An unbelievable sight there.” So where is this toxic algae coming from? KNTV in the the Bay Area says it may be a combination of warmer waters from the El Niño effect -- and pollution. “A recent study suggested that chemically polluted runoff is a major cause of environmental change in the San Francisco bay. Fertilizers and pesticides could potentially alter the ecosystem, though it's still unknown how that would affect algae.” KNTV also reports humans are at risk to domoic acid -- prompting wildlife experts to place a quarantine on harvesting live mussels. And beach-goers are urged to let authorities handle the sick wildlife that comes ashore. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
30 Apr 2011
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A great little wind chime for a sea shore home or to remember a fun vacation by the beach. The realistic sea star wind catcher billows in the breeze and makes beautiful music with the hand tuned chimes. Find this fun little wind chime and more garden decor at FavoriteGardenFountains****
7 May 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Nan Sea Love and the Art of Compassion. Episode: 817, Air Date: 9 December 2008.
21 May 2011
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A Promo video for Mary of the High Seas, a rip-roaring pirate musical written by Joel Mason. Please click the link below for more information. *******www.sponsume****/project/mary-high-seas
28 May 2011
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You can download this game for free here: *******leechgames****/10-days-under-the-sea-pc-game-free-download-link/ more info : Set sail on the open seas, and help Little Carrie find her spirit. It`s been removed from her body by the ghost of a mysterious old man. Luckily she`s stumbled upon an ancient compass, but things aren`t quite as they appear. The pieces to the compass are scattered below the waves. Comb underwater scenes for hidden objects in gorgeous locations like the Sea of Japan, the Caribbean, and the Nile. Can you restore the state of things in 10 Days Under The Sea?
12 Jun 2011
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