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Sign up for the free Quickstart Competition Barbecue Tips Interview Series grillmasteruniversity. com/quickstart We interviewed 10 more competition barbecue teams at the Memphis in May World Championship of Barbecue Competition. Each team offers their top advice and tips for mastering your smoker. Whether you’re a backyard cook or interested in entering the competition circuit you’ll love these behind the scenes interviews. In this installment, we took a few minutes to chat with legendary pitmaster Big Moe Cason from Des Moines, Iowa. His favorite thing about the world of BBQ is the people and the crowds. Everyone comes together and becomes part of a big barbecue family. Over the years, you get to know the people on the competition circuit and the other pitmasters. They become your friends and you get to share the love of barbecue, grilling, and smoking meats together. Another piece of advice from Big Moe Cason is to season meats before they go on the grill, and sauce them when they leave the heat. Sauces often contain sugars that can caramelize and burn on the hot heat of the grill, even in lower temperatures of a smoker. Don’t learn the hard way like Moe did; benefit from his skills and experience!
28 Jul 2019
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