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Ted Nugent talks about gun ownership and the second amendment to the US constitution and why it's needed
25 Feb 2009
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*******www.todaysfinancialnews**** -- The Supreme Court has just confirmed that U.S. citizens do indeed have the constitutional right to own and bear the prerequisites of safeguarding their liberty.
11 Jul 2008
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The Supreme Court is considering a lawsuit that challenges Chicago's handgun ban, and the decision is expected to have national implications.
6 Mar 2010
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April 19, 2010 (2:12) Virginia activists hold armed protest at a national park; D.C. protesters meet without weapons.
21 Apr 2010
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This is a Tribute to the Sandy Hook and all other victims of gun violence. It's time we "Civilize the Second". We need to ban the type of weapons that fire tens of rounds per second and hold clips containing more then 6 rounds. We also need to address the lack of support and scrutiny for disturbed individuals who may commit these atrocities. The NRA is DEAD WRONG when they blame everything but the guns and recommend " armed guards in schools", this didn't help in Columbine and this is not the type of America most Americans want to live in. The NRA should step up and help to reform and enforce the state reporting and regulatory policies that are currently a joke. We can not let the memory of all the men, women and children that have died due to gun violence fade. The time is NOW, visit and sign the petition to pressure Washington to take action.
29 Dec 2012
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Describes his position about the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms".
6 Jan 2010
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30 Nov 2017
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26 Oct 2019
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Sponsor: SakalCAI**** - Governor Lynch's meeting with NH Liberty Alliance, floor votes on income tax, second encounter with House gun ban sponsor Eleanor Kjellman... Profiles of colorful "liberty reps" and the outspoken "patriot pastor" Garrett Lear... Plus shocking news of liberty-related bills no one else is covering....All coming up on RidleyReport**** this week and next. Here is a verbal to follow. Additional keywords: liberty freedom free state project new hampshire ron paul dave ridley report libertarian democrat republican politics hillary clinton barack obama real id john mccain satte house legislature guns 2nd second amendment local control schools education john lynch liberty alliance house republican alliance mike whalley
9 Mar 2008
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*********** Charlton Heston speaks on the second amendment as the torch without a flame. You believe in the second amendment of the constitution, right? Free Gun is offered at the web address above.
22 Apr 2010
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Internet savvy gun lovers have created a petition to have Piers Morgan deported for attacking the Second Amendment.
25 Dec 2012
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***********/watch?v=d0CuiI4Qa0k Second Amendment and the Constitution. What it really means for gun owners and all those that embrace freedom. gun control civil rights second amendment
16 Jan 2013
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