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Hey guys... I asked my buddy Jimmy to do a quick video on how he's using MySpace to 'ATTRACT' his ideal prospects for his businesses. I remember when I first showed him MySpace, he really didn't think it would work for him. He thought MySpace was full of teenage pranksters just looking to pick-up on girls trying to find cheap dates. But if that were the case, then why would you find these people on MySpace too: * Bob Proctor (You Were Born Rich) * Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) * John Assaraf (The Secret) * Ellen DeGeneres (Talk Show Host), etc... There's a gold mine of targeted groups of people on MySpace who all have various different interests... and once you learn how to tap into the *TRUE* power of MySpace, you could have a endless wealth of highly-qualified prospects that you could network with and perhaps sponsor into your MLM business! So I kept bugging Jimmy and bugging him and told him he's totally missing-out on the boat if he doesn't put a MySpace profile for his business. And finally, he gave-in, put up a site on a Thursday... and within 24-hours, he made 5 sales the following Friday for one of his businesses by just using MySpace alone. (That was a record day for him because before MySpace, his best day was only 2 sales in any given 24-hour period.) I hate to say I told you so... but sheesh, MySpace really does work! (But *IF*, and only *IF*... you know what you're doing.) So that's what this video tutorial is all about. I got Jimmy to kind of share what he's doing with his MySpace page, and how he's getting anywhere from 10-15 Free targeted opt-in subscribers to his newsletter using nothing more than MySpace only. And everyone knows... the more people you can get who raise their hands and say, 'Hey, I like what you're talking about here... please send me more info on what you have to offer'... those are always the best prospects to promote your product, service, or opportunity. So if you're tired of buying leads, and calling prospects all day long, and talking to all the wrong people who don't even want a single thing to do with you or your business opportunity... Then you must watch this video because on this video tutorial, Jimmy covers one of the most critical key elements that turned my whole business around: 'How To Use The SECRET *Law of Attraction* On MySpace... So You'll Never Have To Chase Another Stinkin' Prospect In Your MLM Life Ever Again!' And as usual, there's nothing to buy. No ebook or CD to order. No sales pitch. Just another great MLM training video tutorial to spark some new ideas that you can use to help you build your network marketing business today. So hokey pokey right on through the swinging doors and watch this special MySpace video bonus right now over at: www.MLMGoldMine**** Enjoy! -- DK P.S. The Superbowl is coming up in less than 2-weeks... so the question I have for you is: a) The Colts or b) The Bears I'd like to hear your opinion. For me personally, I'm going for the Bears... but would love to hear what you guys have to say. You can post the response on my comments right here on this video. talks to you laters alligators! ;-) -- dk
1 Feb 2007
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this is a guide to make your own secret message. you can use it to send secret messages to your friend. use it on forums, chat, email and many other things. very cool!!!!!!
29 Jan 2007
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Green scull guy reveals why most people can't use The Secret.
30 Jan 2007
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''SMALL SCREEN READY'' Video Tutorial showing awesome secret in MS Hearts Game
5 Feb 2007
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10 anti ageing secret review
5 Feb 2007
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3 secret to looking slim than your size.
5 Feb 2007
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Adorable and irresistible Springer Spaniel, Muggins, shows why dogs don't need to watch The Secret DVD. Dogs already know how to use the law of attraction. They can teach you to use it too.
7 Feb 2007
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This is a tutorial for how to put a secret message inside a skittle. Send secrets, love notes, and messages to friends within a package of skittles.
8 Feb 2007
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Some of the Victoria's Secret models don angel wings and fly around while Destiny's Child sings in the background. Creative and attractive ad.
11 Feb 2007
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The Yin and Yang symbol from Taoism actually has a meaning that is like a secret that has been lost in time. Well, this video reveals this lost secret!
22 Feb 2007
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In this video the secrets to taoism are revealed by describing the famous ancient painting called the Vinegar Tasters. Lao Tzu (LaoZi), Confucius, and Buddha surround a vat of vinegar, which is the essence of life.
23 Feb 2007
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Ever been in the situation where you've cranked your volume slider up to max in your media player and it's still too soft? Well in Quicktime, there is a secret volume control which can give you an additional significant volume boost.
25 Feb 2007
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