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The makers of ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’ sequel are hoping to rope Kareena Kapoor in for the role of Mandakini, the 80s sex siren
16 Feb 2011
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Here's what happens when you force a woman to love you. Smart British guy goes on a date with Canadian girl. Well... kind of a date, he kidnaps her a little. He's convinced that by doing certain psychological steps, she will have no choice but to fall in love with him. Are science and mathematical laws powerful enough to manufacture a relationship? DEMAND IT at eventful**** and tell your twisted friends.
10 Apr 2011
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16 May 2011
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Guys night-in in Long Beach Cali Oct 2010. With Ro, Jason, Ram, Waki, E, Alex and Chris.
31 Jul 2011
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Rihanna has taken to twitter to reveal some scintillating pictures.
21 Mar 2012
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*******mindpersuasion****. This is the "quotes pattern" from the Milton Model and NLP. It's very powerful and useful to say pretty much anything to anybody without "getting into trouble." You take whatever you'd like to say, suggest or ask, like "you should subscribe to my channel," and simply put it in somebody else's mouth, so to speak. So instead of the above, I'd say "the other day my friend looked at this girl and said, "you should subscribe to my channel." And when you say the actual quoted part, look at them and quickly pretend you are saying to them. It's a great way to "test" and see their subconscious reaction.
30 Mar 2013
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She has the perfect body to look out for hours even when she is doing workout while making her ass dance.
25 Jun 2017
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The dance of seduction is no other than bellydance.
4 Jul 2006
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This holiday season, Antonio Banderas' line of Seductive Fragrances are more temping than ever! To ease the temptation, Banderas invites you for a sneak peak behind the scenes at his line of irresistible fragrances-- Blue Seduction for Men, Spirit for Men, Spirit for Women and Antonio by Antonio Banderas-- one for each part of his unique and alluring personality.The newest fragrance in the line, Blue Seduction for Men, brings Antonio's charisma and masculine traits to the surface, while infusing them with the life and excitement of the contemporary man. A modern scent that combines Blue's aquatic freshness with Banderas' Latin touch and masculine feel, Blue Seduction is created for the laid-back guy who likes to have fun.For the spirited man who craves adventure, there is Spirit Antonio Banderas, which brings excitement, passion, and strength into any moment. Seductive and masculine, this heart-racing potion exudes the essence of Latin life! A natural extension of Antonio's personality, like Spirit Antonio Banderas for Men, Antonio Banderas for Women, is a provocative and sensual fragrance that evokes self-confidence and elegance while embracing the core of the Latin culture.For the more mature and sophisticated man, there is Antonio, Antonio Banderas a classic fragrance that captures Banderas' everlasting magnetism, established presence and ongoing success.No matter what your personality, Antonio Banderas Seductive Fragrances have the perfect way to heat up the holidays. For more information log on to www.cvs**** or www.walgreens****.Produced for PUIG Beauty USA
30 Nov 2007
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boy singing "Sexual Seduction" by Snoop Dogg
30 Dec 2009
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Mallika Sherawat was to play a seductive mother to Tusshar Kapoor in 'Forbidden'. But the film seems to have been shelved due to recession.
8 Mar 2009
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Belly dance seduction is a common debate among belly dancers. Belly dancers walk confidently onto a dance floor, or into a room. They create eye contacts to the people they are interested. Making and holding eye contact is a surefire way to let a man know you are interested. They feel the music and create their own dance as they draw attention to their femininity. By the end of the dance they have already seduced a partner each. *******www.dvdfitness****
22 Jun 2011
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Learn the art of belly dancing and seduction in the privacy of your own home beginning today! No waiting for DVDs to ship or equipment to arrive! All you need is YOU! Logon to our fitness website today for a free online tutorial and get started with your personalized lessons! *******www.dvdfitness****
11 May 2009
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More attraction and seduction tips from Social Fluency. Check out our site at www.socialfluency**** to learn more or check out some of our free ebooks
15 May 2009
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Here is a demo by Troy (*******www.troydizondating****) on club dancing with seduction coupled by elements of salsa, nonverbal communication, switching vibes and projecting dominance, and creating sexual tension. More Videos at: *******tddtv****
10 Jul 2009
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Night Seduction - poetry
10 Dec 2009
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