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Consider this, you get in your car, turn on the navigation system and then type in the address to your destination. And instead of you driving your car there, the car drives itself. Engineers and students from the nation's top universities alike are competing to develop exactly that, a self-driving car. The competition is sponsored by the Department of Defense. They are eager to apply the technology on the battlefield, to keep soldiers out of harms way and help save lives. There are also many civilian uses for the technology. Self-driving cars will be programmed not to crash into each other, they will reduce traffic congestion and they will also reduce stops and starts, saving on energy and reducing emissions. Automotive safety technologies like cruise control, lane departure warning and blind zone alerts already exist, and it won't be long until cars will start to drive themselves. Produced for General Motors
29 Nov 2007
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News on self driving cars, a hilarious world's best father calendar, a new indie gaming charity & more!
28 Sep 2012
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We're taking a look at the technology behind Velodyne's self-driving car concept. How does it see the world around it? Lasers!
17 Jan 2014
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Different Self drive hire fleet insurance companies are offering different types of coverage. Some are much better than others. It is important to make sure that you are going to find the company that offers the best assurance policy with the best features.
12 Jun 2017
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Our policy self driving car rentals service made easy like never before hours, day, week or month based. h
28 Jun 2017
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Comfort Carz provide self driving car services in Coimbatore. Our car rental service is regularly for individual or organisations.
4 Jul 2017
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Comfort Carz provide self drive cars and car rental services are currently available in Coimbatore. We are glad to announce that we are launching our services.
19 Apr 2018
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Comfort Carz - Self drive cars and rentals gives you a decision of utilizing our stunning cars with your decision of protection and opportunity,
31 May 2018
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Ever imagined your Uber running without a driver? This self-driving car is nowhere to make this impossible possible. This Yandex car recently proved the same.
12 Jan 2019
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We make your road trips more comfortable with our self-drive car rental services in Amritsar, Delhi & Chandigarh. Save money with our easy car rental policies & make a memorable trip.
12 Oct 2019
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self-driving tour at JNB City suburb of South Africa
21 Oct 2019
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Barrett, Glenn, and Prager discuss government backed anti-Japanese protests in China, Google's self-driven car and Barrett's date with a 99-year-old bottle of whiskey at a pub in London.
29 Sep 2012
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