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Clipe da música Sentimental
24 Mar 2008
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I find that traders often look at the market with a binary point of view. What I mean by that is that many traders look at the market as either an entry or exit opportunity. In part one of this three part series. We will look at the types of sentiment indicators that can be used as well as defining the difference between this category of sentiment indicators and technical indicators.
10 Jun 2008
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One of the best sentiment indicators is implied volatility. Implied volatility actually comes from option pricing models and is a result of the inherent inefficiency of the option's market. Implied volatility shows how actively investors are seeking protection or hedges against market volatility. If they are very confident, implied volatility will be low. If investors are not confident and fearful implied volatility will be higher than it has been historically. In fact, implied volatility can even be charted and analyzed by technical analysis. In part two of this series I will cover the specifics of how we can used the VIX today to measure and understand risk as well as cover some historical signals that illustrate some great ways to find trading signals with the VIX.
11 Jun 2008
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I have found that implied volatility is one of the most useful market indicators available. Implied volatility reveals investor sentiment and psychology, defines risk and can be used to time trades. Implied volatility is too often discounted by traders as merely a by-product or the left over remains of the reconciliation between an option's actual market price and its theoretical price. It is not as complicated as you may have heard and can be analyzed just like a stock chart.
10 Sep 2008
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Every forex investor can benefit from forex option Greeks---even if you don't trade forex options. One forex option Greek in particular that can be quite useful in determining investor sentiment is delta. 100% free forex education available from *******www.pfxglobal****.
9 Aug 2008
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Música: Sebastián Piana - Letra: Homero Manzi) Guita... Música: Sebastián Piana - Letra: Homero Manzi) Guitarras de Barbieri, Pettorossi, Riverol y Vivas Canta: Carlos Gardel 1/23/1933 Buenos Aires Milonga pa' recordarte, milonga sentimental. Otros se quejan llorando, yo canto por no llorar. Tu amor se secó de golpe, nunca dijiste por qué. Yo me consuelo pensando que fue traición de mujer. Varón, pa' quererte mucho, varón, pa' desearte el bien, varón, pa' olvidar agravios porque ya te perdoné. Tal vez no lo sepas nunca, tal vez no lo puedas creer, ¡tal vez te provoque risa verme tirao a tus pies! Es fácil pegar un tajo pa' cobrar una traición, o jugar en una daga la suerte de una pasión. Pero no es fácil cortarse los tientos de un metejón, cuando están bien amarrados al palo del corazón. Milonga que hizo tu ausencia. Milonga de evocación. Milonga para que nunca la canten en tu balcón. Pa' que vuelvas con la noche y te vayas con el sol. Pa' decirte que sí a veces o pa' gritarte que no. Category: Music Tags: milonga tango argentina gardel horacio URL Embed CustomizeLoading... Video Owner Options Edit Video Insight Edit: Annotations AudioSwap Captions and Subtitles More From: canela328 Loading... Play All Stop Autoplaying Play Next QuickList (0) 1 Clear Save Related Videos AddedMestizaje de Carolina Bonaventura & Fransisco Forquera 03:26 From: guiatango Views: 262 AddedYuntatango.Dir Norberto Alvarez en Esquina Homero Manzi, La Tramper... 02:16 From: chuchupito Views: 85 AddedMiguel Angel Zotto & Daiana Guspero Mundial de Tango 2008 03:04 From: 2xTango Views: 1,162 AddedBailando tango en San Telmo 00:39 From: luna200386 Views: 22 AddedPugliese 03:44 From: dosportango Views: 17 AddedАндрей Панферов и Наталья Алюшкина. Don Juan,Carlos di Sarli 02:45 From: datangorussia Views: 176 AddedNotte bianca 2008 Reggio calabria esibizione Paso latino 04:49 From: giovannipaviglianiti Views: 320 AddedPoema Merah putih 03:14 From: wibowo130878 Views: 59 Addedprivate Tango Nuevo practica 03:39 From: abthun Views: 151 AddedTango improvisation 5 - Pablito y Anastacia - Tango Greece 03:18 From: PablitoyAnastacia Views: 135 AddedSardegna "Baia delle Ninfe" 23-30 agosto 2008... ... 04:36 From: BaiadelleNinfe2008 Views: 124 AddedSardegna "Baia delle Ninfe" 23-30 agosto 2008... ... 04:30 From: BaiadelleNinfe2008 Views: 114 AddedMargareth e Vitor - Festival de Tango Tarbes 2004 05:03 From: margarethvitor Views: 53 AddedElena Pankey. Gabriel Sus. El Mundo del Tango-07. San Diego. 01:36 From: TangoCaminito Views: 18 AddedReyes de la Noche- Ruben de Pompeya con Mercedes Le Bozec- 04:01 From: juantango61 Views: 89 AddedReyes de la Noche-Flaco Dany con Ludmila Apartin-Ella es así 04:38 From: juantango61 Views: 91 AddedROBERTO HERRERA & SILVANA CÀPRA in TANGO OCHO STUTTGART Aug 2008 Da... 03:25 From: TangoOchoStuttgart Views: 66 AddedMilonga 1 03:10 From: dosportango Views: 76 AddedClaudio Marinig e Annarosa Cappelletti - Soñar y nada mas 03:21 From: amicidelballoliscio Views: 24 AddedTango Lesson: Phrasing with Fresedo 03:19 From: tangostudent Views: 1,059 Loading... See all 39 videos Promoted Videos NYLON IT GIRLS ISSUE 01:12 NylonMagazi... Ultra Kawaii - The Cute... 03:37 ultrakawaii SoCo Music Nights #1: P... 03:48 MyDamnChannel Vicar is jailed over ch... 01:55 bbcworldnews
29 Sep 2008
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Adriana Rusu - Sentimente
9 Feb 2009
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Adriana Rusu Sentimente Suceava
9 Feb 2009
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sentimental song
24 Apr 2009
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Matthew Monticchio and co play jazz at Crazy Shirleys in the Belvedere, Lancaster PA. The tune is 'In a Sentimental Mood', written by Duke Ellington. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 May 2009
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A beautiful, romantic and tender track perfect as background music to a wedding video production or a wedding photographers website. Also, suitable as a film soundtrack, suitable for sentimental and romantic movie moments / film scenes.
19 Jul 2009
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Du glam-rock, du Brel, de l'opéra-rock, du Barbara : on trouve de tout dans Sentiments Humains, le troisième album studio de Pierre Lapointe. Pour y voir plus clair, nous avons rencontré au Studio 7ème Ciel l'auteur-compositeur-interprète québecois qui nous a livré ses secrets de fabrication et nous a parlé de son rapport à la langue Française.
29 Sep 2009
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Shin sung hoon sang I Love you for sentimental reasons from nat king new generations jazz-
31 Oct 2010
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