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Policeman tries to stop Ferrari F40 from gumball race at high speed on highway in Serbia, his colleague is recording all that with the cell phone and telling him to let 'em go.... but
27 Mar 2007
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Red Hot Chili Peppers in Indjija, Serbia 26.06.07. before&during&after concert.
30 Jun 2007
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Turkiye Serbia
4 Sep 2007
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Strong kid from Serbia Digging the truth about the strongest kid in the world :)
23 Feb 2008
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sample shots from multimedia My-Serbia-CD-Moja-Srbija // created at animoto****
29 Jun 2008
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watch at *******www.mightyfootball**** Serbia vs Ivory Coast
9 Aug 2008
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More *******www.mightyfootball**** Miljan Mrdakovic scores for Serbia olympic
11 Aug 2008
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Tags: Serbian tennis beauties with good music. ana ivanovic jelena jankovic novak djokovic tipsarevic zimonjic tennis serbia srbija tenis australian open roland us-open wimbledon
30 Aug 2008
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Welcome to Belgrad, Serbia In 279 B.C. the Celtic tribe of Scordisci conquereda Thracian settlement near the confluence of the Sava and the Danube and established Singidunum. At the beginning of the 1st century B.C. Romans arrived By the end of the 1st century A.D. IV Roman legionled by Flavius took up residence in Singidunum. Around the turn of the 3rd century, Singidunum became a municipality. In 239 it gained the rank of a colony. After the division of the the Roman Empire in 295, itfell under the rule of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine)and acquired the Greek name of Singedon. In 441, The Huns, led by Atilla, demolished Belgrade. In 452, Belgrade once more fell to Byzantine Empire. In 470, Belgrade was conquered by the Sarmatians. In 471, Belgrade came under the Visigoths, but onlyuntil 488 when it fell under the Byzantine Empire again. In 584, The Avars conquered Belgrade. In 630, there were records of the Byzantine rule overBelgrade, but at the same time the Avars arrived to the area, followed by the Slavs. In 820, Belgrade became a part of Bulgarian Empire,and In 971 fell under the Byzantine Empire. In 878, the oldest written record of the name 'Beligrad' (White Town), appeared in a letter of Roman Pope John VIII to Bulgarian Prince Boris Mihail. In 983, Belgrade became a part of Macedonian state, led by Samuilo In 1018, Byzantine Empire established rule over Belgrade In 1071, Belgrade was for the first time conquered by the Hungarians. It fell under the Byzantine again In 1074. The Hungarians demolished it In 1124, and using the very bricks and stone built the town of Zemun. In 1152, both Belgrade and Zemun came under the Byzantine Empire.The Hungarians struck back in 1183 and demolished Belgrade, but the Byzantine Empire was persistent in its efforts to rule over Belgrade again. In 1230, Belgrade fell under the Bulgarians for the second time, but they were chased away by the Hungarians in 1232. In 1284, the administration of Belgrade was given by Hungarian king Ladislas IV to king Dragutin. In 1319, the Hungarians began their rule over Belgrade, which lasted until 1403. In 1391, the Turks arrived before Belgrade fortress walls for the first time. In 1403, following the agreement with Hungarian king Sigismund, Despot Stefan Lazareviæ, turned Belgrade into the capital of the Serbian stat In 1427, based on the earlier agreement, Despot Durađ Brankoviæ handed Belgrade over to the Hungarians. In 1440, the Turks besieged Belgrade for the first time, but with no success. In 1456, again the Turk besieged Belgrade without success. In 1521, Belgrade was conquered by the soldiers of Suleiman the Magnificent. In 1688, Belgrade was for the first time conquered by the Austrians. It was handedover to the Turks In 1690. The Austrians conquered Belgrade again in 1717, and In 1740 it was handed over to the Turks.For the third time, Belgrade came under the Austrians In 1789. Two years later, following the 1791 Treaty it was surrendered to the Ottoman Empire. In 1806, Belgrade was conquered by the Serbs. In 1813, the Turks conquered Belgrade again. Finally, the administration of Belgrade was given to the Serbs in 1867. In 1914, the Austrians bombarded Belgrade. 1915-1918, Belgrade was occupied by Austrians and Germans In 1918, Belgrade was the capital of the State of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes In 1941, Belgrade wasbombarde by the German air forces. In 1944, British and American air forces bombarded Belgrade three times In 1944, Belgrade was liberated. In 1999, Belgrade was bombarded by NATO...
16 Nov 2008
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FINA World Championships Rome 2009 After a race ruled by American Rebecca Soni, Serbian Nadja Higl wins the gold FINA World Championships Rome Roma 50 butterfly 2009 Nadja Nađa Higl women brest 200 Serbia Srbija Beograd Belgrade
26 Oct 2009
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Football Martch of FIFA World Cup 2010 Goals & Highlights on this Website. Please Subscribe Me. I'll upload football goals & highlights video after the match is finish. England 5-1 Croatia Hungary 0-1 Portugal Norway 2-1 MacedoniaSpain 3-0 Estonia Scotland 0-1 Netherlands Belarus 0-0 Ukraine Czech Republic 7-0 San MarinoFaroes 2-1 Lithuania Malta 0-1 Sweden Armenia 2-1 Belgium Israel 7-0 Luxembourg Cameroon 2-1 Gabon: Eto'o and Makoun strike N Ireland 0-2 Slovakia Wales 1-3 Russia Moldova 1-1 Greece Montenegro 1-1 Cyprus Serbia vs France 1 - 1 Goals & Highlights 09.09.09 [FIFA World Cup 2010]
15 Nov 2009
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Toše Proeski - Feel (the last song of concert in Niš, Serbia) - April 2007.
22 Sep 2009
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