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Effortless climbing and some seriously strong legs! That was highly impressive. He surely didn't ever skip leg day at the gym.
13 Aug 2019
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Have a look at this journalist who is standing in neck-deep water and is reporting about the rising waters in the area. Now that's dedication.
1 Aug 2019
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By the looks of it, this dude has not skipped a single day at the gym. That is some unbelievable amount of core strength. Beast.
9 Aug 2019
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What do you do when you want to jump into the pool, but someone is standing in your way? Just jump over him like a champ.
19 Aug 2019
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It's never really safe to be playing around raging storm drains. That could have easily ended up disastrous.
20 Aug 2019
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30 Jul 2019
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Penalty shootouts can be fun to look at, but adding in some tricks, like this guy, can make the shootout even more dramatic. Damn, that was awesome.
24 Jul 2019
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The huge tree which looks like it perished in a forest fire gets cut down up a woodcutter. Looked like he gave up, but then TIMBER.
5 Aug 2019
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13 Aug 2019
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Considering the fact that the poles are rigid and springy enough to actually cause serious injury, here's another sport to be considered unsafe. Hope he's okay.
27 Jul 2019
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Motorcycle taxi guy really knows his deal and manages to carry 5 people at the same time on his motorcycle. Serious skill.
4 Aug 2019
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Some people can just be beyond dumb and we have a living breathing example right here to satiate our hunger for humor with. A serious lack of grey matter.
6 Aug 2019
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