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I read the Gospel according to Matthew's chapters 6 & 7 from the Authorized King James Bible on camera.
12 Oct 2020
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I read the Gospel of Matthew's chapter 5 from the Authorized King James Bible on camera.
16 Oct 2020
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There's no way to see what's on the other side of your Mountain, until you climb it. And when you do... the view, is MAGNIFICENT!
10 Jan 2009
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The Spirit of Truth has been to the mountain top...
23 Dec 2009
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Jesus Said: A Disciples Devotion of the "Sayings of Jesus" commonly called the Sermon on the Mount. Approx 10minutes daily. Oswald Chambers, A.W. Tozer and a "few" other Classic and Modern Writers of Christianity took The Sermon on the Mount literal. ALOT of my own contemporary Jesus Generation Jesus Freaks including some famous ones do not. They "adapt it" even in some cases "watering its impact" to a mere metaphor of what Jeus changed the World with. Watch. You and God in You decide what Jesus Said.
21 Aug 2011
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The Sermon on The Mount is one of the greatest discourses in human history, yet hardly anyone on earth can tell you what Jesus actually said in that famous sermon, and that includes professing Christians. This is true despite that fact that, at the end of the sermon, Jesus tells a parable about a wise and a foolish builder. The wise builder takes the sermon seriously and bases his life on it and lives. The foolish builder ignores the words of the sermon and is destroyed. So, why haven't Jesus' words in the Sermon on The Mount been made the cornerstone of churches everywhere? Why is there such a difference between Jesus' words and the various religions that have taken his name? By the end of this video you will have to agree that the answers to these questions represent the greatest conspiracy the world has ever known. Credits: All material on 'A New Kingdom" comes from our parent channel on YouTube: "A Voice In The Desert"
30 Apr 2020
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Jesus said that praying in public (well, praying out loud in public) is for hypocrites. So why is almost every church doing it? Jesus taught us how to pray. He said that silent prayer or secret prayer is the preferred option. Perhaps some of the supposedly "powerful" prayers we hear about in the churches are not even being heard by God. This may sound shocking, but it is straight from the teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.
27 Jul 2020
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The churches have not only tossed out Jesus' teachings, but they've also tossed out Jesus' name. Chances are that even you don’t know the secret name of Jesus. So, who is Jesus? Let's search for the answer in the word of God.
8 May 2020
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Would you cut off your hand, or poke your eye out if it meant being saved from hell? Should we take Jesus literally when he says to cut off body parts if they cause us to sin?
8 May 2020
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What is Christianity? Who is Jesus? What is the Christian religion? Should it bear any resemblance to what Jesus taught? In this video you will hear 5 different ways to answer the question: What is a Christian? You have probably never heard Christianity defined in this way before. This video is guaranteed to make even the most dedicated Christian ponder.
17 May 2020
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False christs today are experts at giving misleading definitions of salvation and how to obtain it. Many people think that leading souls to christ is so complicated that it takes a church service in which to do it. This has contributed to widespread deception and lies in the church. This video questions whether witnessing for Jesus Christ and truly saving souls could be as simple as reading the four gospels, obeying the teachings of Christ found in them... and encouraging others to do the same. Are you interested in salvation the way Jesus taught it?
26 Jun 2020
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Jesus' Parables about the Kingdom of Heaven aren't always as clear as Jesus' teachings. Jesus himself needed to give interpretations of the parables to his disciples (in most cases), and sometimes he left it us to work out. We're going to look at two such parables now, in an effort to answer the question of how to enter heaven.
6 Jul 2020
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