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An amazing movie-set from the Sci-Fi Horror "War Of The Worlds", the new edition made by Steven Spielberg. The video shows what's left of the neighbourhood where Tom Cruise and his family hides from the alien invaders.
10 Oct 2006
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Setting up christmas tree in 20 seconds (or 10 minutes real time ;-))
27 Dec 2006
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Heres a really neat trick to do with photoshop, it'll make any image appear as if its a miniature set, usually works best if it is an arial view of a city / town / ladnscapes going off in the distance. This technique was made a month or so ago off a user on livingwithstyle**** forums but recently has been brought up to attention thanks to digg. I have made it into a video tutorial to help people understand it!
9 Jan 2007
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The 1964 United States Proof Set is a "One Year Type Proof Set" that is almost 40 years old. 1964 was the only Year that the Proof Kennedy Half Dollar was made in 90% Silver. Since the United States Mint has starting selling Silver Proof Sets in 1999, their value has been steadily increasing, with the most recent sets starting at $37.95. When you consider the 1964 Silver Proof Sets in the light of these facts, "THEY ARE A GREAT VALUE!" Sure to increase in the future.
23 Jan 2007
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Enjoy all of your favorite Johnny Mathis hits in this brand new 3 disc set. Go without it no more.
22 Feb 2007
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The SET FREE SOLDIERS big part of venice beach they help me out with my life when i was going bad i would like to thank them
13 Mar 2007
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The Flowergod designs an asian tea set arrangement at 4X speed. Full floral design instructional video available at TheFlowergod****.
31 Mar 2007
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set club meeting year 2007
17 Apr 2007
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just found a nice set near my house testing it out
2 Jun 2007
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Output Settings for getting great results with Camtasia videos on Youtube
13 Jun 2007
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This video shows the render settings to use in Sony Vegas and Movie Studio to get great results with videos uploaded to YouTube
14 Jun 2007
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overview of antique and hot ride car show during the set out at McAllen Texas sponsored by hot Rod magazine
15 Jul 2007
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Goal Setting and the Importance it has on your success. Business and life goal setting. You can do the same for your business. And thats what we teach at: www.mentoringyoutosuccess**** www.yourfuturegoldmine**** home based business business mentor business coach online business free advertisements goal setting goal achievement life goals business goals business development mlm goldmine video advertisement liberty league international pathways business associates achieving your goals101 achieve goal goal set setting2007 goal setting7 steps to goal setting about goal setting accomplish goal setting work sheet achievable achieve achieve your goal achieving achieving goal schedule schedule setting setting them them achieving goal schedule setting them achieving goal setting action goal mind book setting taking work book activities for kids on goal settin gactivity goal setting affirmations goal setting software anger management applying your personal setting article article directory article goal setting article submission articles athlete benefit goal setting benefits for setting goals benefits of goal setting beyond business extraordinary goal setting summit surpassing book goal personal planning setting success book goal setting business extraordinary goal setting surpassing business goal setting business planning career career goal setting career goals setting career success career tutorials ceo challenge chart goal setting charts for goal setting child goal setting christian goal setting coaching commandment goal setting ten communication skills company company goal setting corporate goal setting daily motivation decision making desires diet fitness goal setting don dream job dynamics goal new setting effective goal setting emotions article employee employee goal setting estate goal real setting example goal setting example of goal setting form examples of goal setting exercise exercise goal setting exercise goal setting work sheet family family goal setting finances financial goal setting find free content fitness goal setting focus form free goal setting form goal setting fortune free goal setting free goal setting software free goal setting template free goal setting work sheet free personal goal setting samples game goal setting l guide setting goal guide**** setting goal guidelines setting goal help setting goal idea setting goal importance setting goal job setting goal kid setting goal latest setting theory goal lesson plan setting goal lesson plans goal lesson setting goal life setting goal loss setting weight goal management setting time goal minute one setting goal monthly**** setting week goal motivation setting goal motivation setting theory goal new setting year goal objective setting goal performance setting goal performance setting task theory goal personal planning setting success goal personal setting goal planning setting goal planning work sheet goal process setting goal professional setting goal program setting goal
16 Jul 2007
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