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We're not live today, but that's okay because HALO 4! Today we've got new trailers for Watch Dogs and Hitman: Absolution, a review of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on PS Vita, and 343 Industries is BANNING SEXISM in Halo 4!
3 Nov 2012
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13 Nov 2007
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Tara's back in the studio today and ready to share her thoughts on Peter Molyneux's latest mindgame, Curiosity: What's in the Cube? Also, the Wii U is officially dumping friend codes and instating multiple accounts, Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a card game for the Vita, and more.
9 Nov 2012
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More at *******www.theuptake****. CBS's Bob Schieffer tells Max Blumenthal that his co-anchor Katie Couric was wrong about sexism in the media hurting Sen. Hillary Clinton's chances. Couric can't hear the question...or can she?
28 Aug 2008
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Female player's penalty prompts claims of sexism.
5 Feb 2019
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In today's show, we talked about Microsoft's Xbox conference held at E3, Asus's "sexist" twitter post, the Miss USA pageant, and a handful of other stuff.
5 Jun 2012
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Writing inclusively means to avoid expressions and words that exclude particular groups of people. For example, gender-specific words, like “man”, “mankind”, masculine or feminine pronouns etc. are considered to exclude other genders.
14 May 2019
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Supervising Women Workers was one of the first real attempts to address the fact that women were taking over men’s jobs during the manpower shortages of World War II. When “Joe,” a factory worker, admits to the boss that he’s scared of his new female coworkers and doesn’t know how to behave around them, his boss gives him a lesson on the female mind. According to the film, women were highly individualistic, jealous, slow to pick up on instructions, and “not naturally familiar with mechanical principles.” He also, among other things, warns Joe not to “mix business with pleasure.” Supervising Women Workers represents American businesses’ difficulty and confusion about how to deal with the “problem” of female workers, and ends up surfacing the rigid sexism and discrimination that was accepted at the time.
26 Sep 2008
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The Better.TV story "Today's Sports - May 25, 2010", originally aired on May 25, 2010 at 08:58PM. The story was classified under the "Sports" category, and is related to the following topics: sexism, mets, orphans, multitude, sexual trafficking, heroes.
2 Jun 2010
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Bob takes on nerd sexism.
7 Sep 2012
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Un plan gouvernemental contre la violence faite aux femmes... C'est bien et c'est tant mieux nous dit Michel Onfray. Toutefois, ceci ressemble davantage à une rustine qu'à une volonté de s'attaquer à "la racine du mal" : la misogynie ambiante profonde, le sexisme enraciné par des siècles de judéo-christianisme, la détestation du corps des femmes - un corps chargé de tous les pêchés et de toutes les impuretés, notamment dans l'Islam. Ainsi nous dit Michel Onfray, alors que nous sommes entrés dans une ère d'exécration des corps et des passions, il est des textes misogynes, phallocrates et sexistes dont, curieusement, on n'entend jamais parler : la Torah, la Bible et le Coran.
9 Dec 2017
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The short that proves our differences are not as great -- or as funny -- as our similarities.
6 Mar 2007
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Starting if you guys don't hate me! :D
14 Jul 2007
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The American man has made great strides to improve his position in society.
12 Oct 2007
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A music video tribute to 300.
13 Oct 2008
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