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Ryan try's out 6 different methods of creating fake blood!
24 Apr 2011
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In the continuation to last weeks Film Riot, we find out what happens when Josh's inner demons take over!
29 Apr 2011
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In the finally of the possessed Josh series, Emily comes to put an end to the madness! Plus learn how to do the evil twin in the mirror and eye reflection effects from the last episode!
5 May 2011
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Today we celebrate our 100th episode! You sent in your favorite moments and we put together the 100 greatest in less than 3 minutes!
18 May 2011
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Today we finally get to showing you guys the behind the scenes from the filming of Ryan's short film 'TELL'!
20 May 2011
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In this episode of Film Riot, Ryan invites Todd Bruno (lead actor in TELL) to sit down and discuss acting, directing actors and everything in-between. Also, we show you day 2 of shooting TELL and you meet another one of the cast members from the film!
26 May 2011
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In this episode of Film Riot, we have the continuation of Todd Bruno (lead actor in TELL) and Ryan's conversation on acting, directing actors and everything in-between.
2 Jun 2011
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Want to make your footage look like 8mm film? Film Riot has a gift for you! Plus, Ryan answers the most popular questions that have been asked since the start of 'TELL,' including "When will TELL be coming out?"
10 Jun 2011
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******* EasyBackupWizard -- easy way to backup your games and DVDs relax vs Bastion of Twilight intro testMusic: Jeff Beal - 'Monk theme (extended)'
11 Jun 2011
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There are many different job titles to fill when making a film, so many that it can get very confusing with who is doing what! But that is where today's episode will help! Ryan explains the top jobs needed to make your film a reality! Then catch up on the progress of TELL.
16 Jun 2011
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Today we show you how to shoot off into the sky like the man-Oh-steel himself! Plus learn how to field goal kick your pals and have some sexy pool time with Ryan... Then we finish up the jobs needed for your film production!
24 Jun 2011
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Software : after effects CS5 Photoshop CS5 Sony Vegas
12 Sep 2011
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Men In Black 3 creature effects wizard Rick Baker gives us a behind the scenes look at the special effects process involved in creating the aliens of MIB 3.
24 May 2012
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Greenside, a biodome built in the wake of famine and poverty, houses the only cure for Jackson's ill girlfriend, Acacia. In order to obtain it, Jackson must infiltrate the heavily fortified Greenside, under endless waves of Zero Troopers all commanded to destroy him! ------- This is a film that we completed last year. Believe it or not, neither Sam nor Niko actually went to film school, so this is the closest thing we've got to a student film. We teamed up with our good friend Eric Lim to put this together. He produced it, and played the lead, and we took care of the shooting, directing, and editing. If anyone is interested in watching the full film, head on over to zerotrooper****. There you can stream it, or download it for your xbox 360 and PS3! ------ This was all shot on the Sony FX-1 with a 35mm adapter, and we used Final Cut Pro for editing, and After Effects for the FX! We'll be making a tutorial in a few weeks showing you how to do some awesome bullet hits similar to what we have here.
13 Sep 2012
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Click to tweet! - ******* Click to Facebook share! - ******* Hold on to your pants. PRISM is on the way. A short film that we've been working on for months is almost done! Hey, check out our Facebook page! *******fb****/corridordigital TWITTER: *******twitter****/corridordigital Huge thanks to Zardonic for the RAD TRACKS! Scream! Zardonic Ft. Gancher and Jae Kennedy Forthcoming on Big Kiddim Recordings Check him out: *******www.myspace****/djzardonic *******www.facebook****/zardonic We even got some early reviews: "JIMMY, CORRIDOR DIGITAL, AND A NAME LIKE PRISM, YOU KNOW IT'S GONNA BE F****N GOOD" - zaspo
14 Sep 2012
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Today, Ryan sluts it up a bit again to show the final two effects we will talk about from our Bloodtober finale. Plus, he shows how he got "TELL" into a film festival, and how you can easily get your process started as well.
17 Nov 2012
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