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******* You've seen the little green ShareThis widget before: According to comScore the button, which allows users to share news stories, images, and other multimedia across social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Digg, is seen by 128 million people on the web, CEO Tim Schigel told me at the AlwaysOn conference earlier this month. Over 1 million of those actually use the widget, and that creates a lot of useful data. "Well we don't [monetize] yet, but it's obviously very important data to publishers and to advertisers, because we get to see what people are sharing, what's interesting to them, regardless of what network you might be on, regardless of the content," he says. ShareThis has $21 million in funding, so the fact that it doesn't make money yet hasn't hindered its progress. Last week, the company unleashed a beta version of its new button with a simpler design and new functions like contact importing. Use of the button is growing 20 to 30 percent a month, and it is on 80,000 sites from small blogs to big media properties like ABC, The Huffington Post, and MTV. Schigel says the company has plans to make the button embeddable in any Flash player to provide a consistent sharing experience and unified statistics regardless of the media type. Marshall Kirkpatrick has a story at ReadWriteWeb about the company's future as a data platform which you can read here. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
26 Feb 2009
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Startup Band Red Herrings play "Pride & Joy" and "I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night".
26 Oct 2008
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12 Mar 2010
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Host (David Beeler) welcomes continuing guest Sir Reginald (Tom Konkle) and they talk about his latest book or invention. Dave and Tom are a British comedy team in the classic tradition of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Written by Dave and Tom. Pith-e Productions seeks financing for the continuation of the “Invention with Brian Forbes” comedy series on the Internet. Invention is a short, smart, funny, two person show in the classic mold of the comedy team, where each episode launches from a unique invention, book or discovery from a loony British professor, Sir Reginald Bo-hey No (Tom Konkle) who is interviewed by increasingly frustrated chat show host Brian Forbes (David Beeler) and spirals on humorous flights of fancy showcasing the comic chemistry of the two performers. Dave and Tom have been writing and doing these characters together onstage in critical hit shows for years, including Good Night, Double Act, and Dave and Tom’s: A Tribute to Dave and Tom and on the Internet in eight popular episodes of “Invention with Brian Forbes.” A Survey Of The Show So Far: See Invention here on metacafe****/daveandtom See the other home of Invention at and Tivocast ******* The first episodes of the Pith-e produced series of Invention has gotten hundreds of thousands of views, its own fan following worldwide including a fan Myspace adn Veoh page dedicated to the show. myspace****/invention_comedy_series *******www.veoh****/channels/s527115 THE CHARACTERS: Host Brian Forbes (David Beeler) must each week welcome back eccentric inventor and author, Sir Reginald Bo-Hey No (Tom Konkle) who is always his guest and they riff in a short, funny sketch in the chat show format. It is a funny “Art Bell,” show like AM Coast to Coast a late night science/conspiracy show. The series has even been singled out by a serious UK television show as the comic relief on the show’s own webpage. Season 1: After a several episodes of very strange and funny interviews with Sir Reginald about his worthless inventions, Brian becomes increasingly hostile after being accommodating as he realizes he is physically trapped in this talk show with Reginald, literally walking from one side of the frame only to reappear on the other side of the frame again. They must eventually use their own ingenuity to escape, while continuing to do a chat show. What will happen when they get out into the “real” world again? Will they miss each other? Or has Brian simply been driven mad by the eccentric scientist and it’s all in his head…. Invention with Brian Forbes’ Scores KoldCast Deal, Dry Brit Wit Heads to TiVo by Marc Hustvedt on December 10th, 2008 ShareThis Invention with Brian Forbes, the new web series from comedy team David Beeler and Tom Konkle (Dave & Tom), has been picked up for a distribution deal with KoldCast TV, adding to the growing number of original series released through the Irvine-based broadband TV network. Just like After Judgment and a large crop of the Strike.TV web series, Invention will heading to millions of TiVo DVRs later this month as part of the recently announced deal between KoldCast TV and TiVo’s TivoCast service. Konkle and Beeler make up the two-man creative team at Pith-E Productions, which is also shopping Is It Safe?, another high brow original series that has been picking up attention as a clever spoof of the CSI-type procedurals. In all, the comedy duo have racked up over 12 Million views so far on their videos according to metrics company TubeMogul. Invention with Brian Forbes is minimalist British television (on the web of course), complete with a single-color backdrops and fixed public access camera setups. Beeler stars as host Brian Forbes, interviewing his recurring (and only) guest, inventor Sir Reginald Bo-Hey Know (Konkle), on his latest inventions—everything from a new calendar system to a book on cartography and even a new set of “gas pants” (above). Why would someone want to add flatulence to their own pants? Sir Reginald: Integrity, sir, integrity. As co-creator Konkle calls it, “it’s stupid comedy for smart people.” Konkle, who nails a spot-on British accent, is in fact not British at all, joked that, “I’ve actually booked more work as a Brit than as an American.” Invention itself, he added, it really a “two-hander,” a throwback to the old comedy duos that Beeler and Konkle have based their partnership on ever since they first teamed up at the Beyond the Fringe Festival back in 1999. He cites Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, who incidentally was how they first met, along with Bob & Ray as the model for their brand of intelligent, “egghead” humor—”comedy for people without ADD.” The series will use Koldcast’s website (on the Comedy Series Channel) as its main site, with the first five episodes available now with the release of new four to seven minute episode every two weeks. Homepage » Articles, Comedy, Featured, Invention with Brian Forbes, Koldcast, News, Pith-e Productions » ‘Invention with Brian Forbes’ Scores KoldCast Deal, Dry Brit Wit Heads to TiVo Reviews of Dave and Tom: BACKSTAGE WEST
- Polly Warfield These two are worthy successors to the comedy mantles of the greats, Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Wittily penned and performed by David Beeler and Tom Konkle, crisply directed by Michael Neill, this night-blooming nosegay of skits and sketches pays proper homage to the kookily cerebral art of (late) Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Beeler, who could well be cast as an eager young prelate just out of the seminary, is here cast as Moore. Konkle, with the mien of a solid citizen—businessman or loony--could be Cook. They are well paired and well contrasted, and what we have here, as we had there, is la creme de la creme of comedy. LA WEEKLY – Paul Birchall …writer-performers David Beeler and Tom Konkle capture the geniality and goofiness of the late, great masters of the "twitty old bean" style of English comedy. For, in this collection of gleeful and quick-witted skits, Beeler and Konkle pay homage to the buddy comedy of their predecessors…. Comedy Videos Online – Julianne Flystra But willing suspension of disbelief isn’t too hard to do here, because these fictitious Brits run through sketch after sketch without losing any steam where anything is possible and everything is gut-bustingly funny… Beeler and Konkle’s chemistry make “Invention” a treat to watch. They build off each other’s wild gestures, energy and antics as if they’ve known each other all their lives, even though they met in 1999. Dave and Tom The Sketches - Viral Video Show on Veoh**** The wide range of sketches require Beeler and Konkle to play characters who are polar opposites of each man’s previous part, yet the duo pull it off with ease. Summary: The internet series “Invention with Brian Forbes” is short, fast, funny and cheap to produce series with recurring characters and a great potential for endless, funny flights of fancy that work on all the new media platforms. Written, performed and produced by Tom Konkle and David Beeler this is a “turn key” production that’s ready to go.
13 May 2007
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ShareThis**** - Dan Mechem - OMMA Hollywood 2008ShareThis lets you instantly access all of your profiles, blogs, friends, and contacts for easy sharing and updating. We think users should be in control of their online world.
19 Mar 2008
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Over the past ten years I have been consumed with finding the answers to these four questions: 1. What is the difference between those who succeed and those who fail? 2. What is the key difference between peak performers, those who are at the top of their game, and average performers? 3. What is the fastest way to improve a person’s life so he or she can reach desired results? 4. What hinders or distracts people from changing and making progress? As I found the answers to these questions, I cranked up and accelerated my confidence beyond what I had even hoped for. My faith in God bolstered my confidence, and I remembered this promise: “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” ******* {sharethis}
26 May 2011
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*******jacobdantzler****/social-bookmarking-that-wordpress-blog-with-floods-of-traffic-part-2/ This is the simple 2nd part video where I show you how to sign up for a Onlywire and ShareThis account that will be linked into a wordpress blog. Adding Social Bookmarking to websites to will blog is a easy and affordable way to develop long term steady traffic. Learn more at *******jacobdantzler****/social-bookmarking-that-wordpress-blog-with-floods-of-traffic-part-2/ . Connect with me at *******JacobDantzler.Com
14 Jan 2012
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*******jacobdantzler****/social-bookmarking-that-wordpress-blog-with-floods-of-traffic-part-2/ 2nd part video where I show you how to sign up for a Onlywire and ShareThis account that will be linked into a wordpress blog. Adding Social Bookmarking to websites to will blog is a easy and affordable way to develop long term steady traffic.
13 Jan 2012
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*******jacobdantzler****/social-bookmarking-that-floods-traffic-to-your-blog-part-3/ "Social Bookmarking That Overflooding Traffic To Your Blog Part 3" is the last bookmarking video that shows you how to Install and Activate the ShareThis and OnlyWire Social Bookmark Button that attract traffic to your site. Learn more at *******jacobdantzler****/social-bookmarking-that-floods-traffic-to-your-blog-part-3/ Connect with me at *******Facebook****/jacobdantzler1 *******twitter****/jacobdantzler1 *******JacobDantzler.Com
16 Jan 2012
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