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The UK’s first Sharia compliant prepaid MasterCard is launch today; it is to combine the security of a card with the ethical financial principles of Sharia finance, and access to finance without any credit or danger of overspending
11 Aug 2008
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A new anti-Sharia law petition for Britain is due to expire on January 1, 2009. For British citizens only. Let's get to work and do our part to turn this thing around. PETITION HERE: **********/shariastop/
18 Nov 2009
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What is it and what does sharia mean for Christians and others forced to abide by it? First Gary Lane looks at Islamic law. Then Pat Robertson interviews author Nonie Darwish.
20 Feb 2009
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What is it and what does sharia mean for Christians and others forced to abide by it? First Gary Lane looks at Islamic law. Then Pat Robertson interviews author Nonie Darwish.
19 Feb 2009
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this is what sharia-law is
25 Feb 2009
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Hon. James David Manning, PhD speaks about Barack Obama, marshall and sharia law. This message was preached on The Manning Report on Friday, 10 July 2009. Follow us on twitter at *******twitter****/atlahworldwide Go to *******wwww.atlah**** for more information. Subscribe to our channel Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jul 2009
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Crucial Step Towards Sharia Law? United Nations Anti-Blasphemy Resolution - Christopher Hitchens CNN with Lou Dobbs. The United Nations has adopted a "resolution combating defamation of religions" and wants to regulate free speech. Featured guest is Christopher Hitchens. The U.N. now wants to make that Anti-Blasphemy Resolution binding on all member nations. That would make it a crime to critisize religion, in particular Islam. This is a major effort taking place to curb free speech worldwide. Christopher Hitchens discussed the United Nations Anti-Blasphemy Resolution with Lou Dobbs on February 25, 2009 on CNN. The Resolution, sponsored by the Arab members, might be the crucial next step towards imposing Sharia law in the Western world. Do you believe the United Nations' restriction of freedom of speech in the United States and other western countries should be tolerated? Please subscribe to: • *******www.YouTube****/FFreeThinker .
30 Sep 2009
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Voters in Oklahoma overwhelmingly approved an amendment that bans judges from considering Sharia law in court rulings.
6 Nov 2010
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University Lahore (MUL) was established on 18th September 1986 in the city of Lahore- the city of learning, arts, culture and science. Minhaj University Lahore has gained the status of an international University for its distinctive educational system, multi-dimensional progress, profound administration and eye-opening results. In just fourteen years of its inception, its fame and popularity have reached up to Europe, Africa and Middle East; the progress continues and no later, its Alumni will lead the Islamic and Academic Renaissance in the world. College of Shariah, the first of the colleges functioning under the Minhaj University, is a grand center of learning and education striving for the production of honest, cultivated, qualified and committed leadership for the prevalence of Islam. It offers the Muslim Ummah multi-faceted, future-oriented and practical education in the context of a challenging environment in social, business, Islamic and computer technologies. College of Shariah is committed to harmonious development of learner's intellectual, spiritual and physical faculties. College of Shariah is the first college of its nature, which offers a blend of both religious and contemporary studies, not only in terms of figures but also for its high quality of instruction, dynamic strategy and experiential training format.
23 Oct 2008
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This Is Fire...Feel Free 2 Comment
16 Nov 2009
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On this week's Stakelbeck on Terror: Islam slowly creeping in to mainstream America, a panel of leading legal experts on Sharia Law defend Judeo-Christian values in the courtroom, and more... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
22 Feb 2012
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In Islamic Sharia, the work of a Muslim is forbidden.
26 Nov 2018
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Giovani musulmani. Sembrano figli dell'occidente eppure sono legati alle leggi della sharia.
27 May 2019
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Islam - Le donne francesi sottomesse alla #sharia di strada [sottotitoli in ITA] Reportage. Alcune zone del territorio francese non sono più accessibili liberamente, soprattutto alle donne, in quanto la legge islamica ha sostituito la legge dello Stato. Oggi, in #Francia, le associazioni mettono in guardia sui quartieri dove le donne sono diventate una presenza indesiderata. Abitudini quotidiane un tempo normalissime come camminare in gonna o fermarsi a bere un caffè sulla terrazza sono diventate una conquista di libertà da raggiungere.
14 Sep 2019
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نبذة مختصرة عن نادي الشريعة
4 Apr 2008
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