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The first episode from My Shattered Windows web video series, where she presents her song Merry Go Round.
18 Apr 2007
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Shattered Halls Full Run. 5 guys. guilds: Leoni di Azeroth + Lumini et Umbra server: Venture Co.
18 Jun 2007
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Shattered dreams bleach
18 Sep 2007
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Check out "Shattered Mind" on myspace facebook and anywhere else you feel like trying
9 Feb 2009
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Kingdom Hearts AMV with the song "Shattered" by O.A.R.
3 May 2009
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Separate, define, enhance - Shatter creates new flexible textures, creating or controlling confusion.
29 Aug 2008
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Soon the next gethering came, and Mossface glanced around at the amost empty camp. Morningdew pushed Onekit and Squirrelkit out of the nurcery. They looked at Mossface, then ran off to play. It was as if Mossface being forced to stay in camp was strange, but really funny. Mossface watched the two kits play with a plump mouse. They looked happy, but they were as miserable as Mossface to be stuck in camp. All cats knew that something had happened at the last gathering, and some had even witnessed it, but were ordered to keep their mouths shut. Addertail walked out of his den, shaking his fur from the moss that clung. It was only early greenleaf, but already the cats were feeling the harsh heat, that tired them out and put them to an uncomfortable sleep. Thunderstone was gone to the gathering, but his only remaining son was still in the camp. He had long whiskers and was named Sharptounge. They were similar except that Sharptounge had cruel words and spoke harshly. He had witnessed what happened at the gathering, but he was so shocked he had nothing sharp to say to her. They were great friends during apprenticeship, but he still had a sharp tounge to her then. Now Sharptoung was silent around Mossface, no matter what Mossface said, he wouldn't say anything back. Mossface stood up and bounded over to Sharptounge, but he did not look at her. He looked at the two kits playing on the other side of the clearing, probably remembering when Mossface had become an apprentice and he was half a moon away. She had taught him all she learned that day and they played until Mosspaw was sent away. 'Come on Sharptounge, speak to me! You have not been speaking to me since the last gathering! Its been a moon! Why aren't you talking to me? I didn't do anything, he did,' Mossface meowed despratly. Sharptounge turned his head to Mossface and sighed. 'I thought that we would get together some day, and you promised that you would wait. You even said you would never speak to a cat from another Clan. I wasn't interested in you for moons, but still, I waited to see if you would keep your promise about no other Clan cats in your life. I may have been only an apprentice for a moon and a half, but I realize that you are not as experinced as I. You are a traitor Mossface, a traitor,' Sharpetounge finally let the sharp fly. 'But I didn't do anything. He wouldn't leave me alone! I hate him! I always will,' Mossface hissed, looking at her friend in sorrow. She understood what he meant. She remembered her promise clearly, I know you will be an apprentice a while longer, but we can be friends, and some day we may even become mates. I will wait for you, but you wanna know one thing I will never do? Sharppaw had nodded his yes and Mossface had continued speaking, I promise I will never talk to any other cats from any other Clans! If I break this promise, get Ashstar to kick me out of the Clan! *Mossface laughed* Kidding! just tell me how you feel about it and I will take it in and be the best I can be. Sharppaw had nodded and went off to join his sisters, where his brother was dead. 'Mossface, I am sorry I never told you how I felt, but I'm a warrior, not an apprentice anymore. You're an awesome friend, who's brain had just been a bit of mousedung lately. I can trust you now, but please don't see that cat again,' Sharptounge begged. He seemed like the kit who Mossface had been begged into teaching him stuff she knew, Mosskit, please don't leave! I don't want you to become an apprentice without me! Sharpkit ran up to Mosskit. Mosskit looked down at her little friend and then sighed,'I don't choose my time,' then whispered,'but I can teach you what I learn.' Sharpkit bounced up and jumped around happily. Thank you, Thank you! Mossface nodded and they began to play around like they were kits. She didn't smell the fimiliar scent, but the reat of the cats did. The two kept playing without knowing why the cats were hissing. Mossface and Shaptounge stopped playing and looked at where the cats were hissing. 'Its...its you again!' song by Hedley Bones Shatter
1 May 2009
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A musical tale of a shattered iPhone finding it's way back to better health.
15 Nov 2008
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Army Night Stalker pilot Shane Garrett knew his chances were not good. Not for keeping a relationship during times of war. And not especially good to make it out at all. And though he left the Army after he was injured during a mission, the Army never really left Shane. It was a part of him. And so was Dr. Kirby Campbell. Now Kirby needs the Phoenix Team to help her find a kidnapped colleague in Central America. A team Shane is on. Together they will fight for their country, their friend, their lives and ultimately their hearts.Shattered by JoAnn Ross. Find out more at *******www.joannross**** Genre: romantic suspense Find out more here *******www.joannross**** Buy it here now ******* Shattered by JoAnn Ross Book Trailer
26 Jan 2009
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Grace Hartigan - Shattering Boundaries is EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED by Microcinema DVD. To order this DVD and/or other Microcinema titles, go to: www.microcinemadvd**** The story of a courageous woman who, along with her friends Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, was a key figure in the Abstract Expressionist movement in American art. Critics, art historians, curators and others share their thoughts on the significance of this dynamic painter and personality and the now legendary art scene of that time. A major artist who refused to be categorized, Hartigan continually invented and reinvented herself and her style and persevered in the face of profound personal and professional challenges: a very public falling out with Clement Greenberg, one of the most influential art critics of the time; an attempted suicide; an estrangement from her only child; and the long, tragic illness and death of her husband. This film tells the story of a fiercely independent painter whose life is as gutsy and compelling as her art, against the background of one the most explosive periods in American art history.
3 Mar 2009
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Suidakra "Shattering Swords"
4 Apr 2009
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OHSSE raw video provided by Travis Schutten of McGuinness basketball star Daniel Orton shattering the backboard in a high school game against Tulsa Union. Orton is one of the top H.S. juniors int he country. Florida coach Billy
2 Jan 2010
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Rediscover your troubled past and the demons lying await in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.
10 Aug 2009
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