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May 2005 (Newstream) -- These days, guests aren't just "borrowing" hotel bathrobes, they're taking entire rooms home with them. The latest trend in home design has consumers purchasing their favorite hotel decor from local department stores. This trend has resulted in million-dollar business for both hotels and stores alike. Last year alone, the sale of hotel amenities raked in more than $60 million dollars. This year, sales are expected to double. Items up for sale are the luxurious sheets, duvets, and pillows. But bedding isn't the only hotel room amenity consumers are after - even the beds themselves are in demand. Nordstrom has tapped into the trend by offering the signature Heavenly Bed found in Westin Hotels. It marks the first time a hotel line of bedding is being sold in a national department store. Travelers can also purchase anything from showerheads and tableware. The appeal is simple: how often does high-end merchandise lend itself to a test run before purchase? Now when guests like what they see, they have a way to bring home the luxury. For consumers who want to sample swank before it's part of their home's style, this latest hotel-inspired trend is redefining "room service". Produced for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
9 Jan 2007
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Kuramoto Co., LTD's probe sheet is a first of its kind. Use to examine the light readings from the LCD display of mobile devices this design allows for more data to be transmitted. Instead of the usual polymide resin used to make the probes, the connections, this systems uses glass which cuts down the space between probes from 30 microns to 8 microns and thus facilitates data transmission. This can be used in any mobile display such as cell phones or gps devices.
1 Mar 2007
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Exam Sheet for A-Levels Time allowed: 1 Minute
10 Mar 2007
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over my little sisters rewards program sheet
9 May 2007
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How to make something out of a sheet of paper!
21 May 2007
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Pat shows us his cheat sheet for his Waltz routine. :)
4 Sep 2007
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One more way to make a cheat sheet.
28 Jul 2009
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Make a cool paper water bomb from 1 a4 sheet, really holds water!!
14 Oct 2007
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A sheet of paper versus a wooden beam. Easy to do for yourself!
14 Nov 2007
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Don't stay another night in a hotel without watching this video! You never know what kind of bodily fluids you may find on your bed sheets. Semen, urine, feces or vomit... Yuck!
24 Nov 2007
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Learn how to make the coolest and most professional cheat sheet ever. Warning : this video is for educational purposes. we are not responsible for any damage caused by cheating at school !
3 Dec 2007
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TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP!!!!!!!! Runescape Theme on piano! (login thingy) don't ask for sheets and spam!
29 Dec 2007
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paper bottle opener (lost your bottle opener open your brew with a single sheet of paper!) - video
2 Jan 2008
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How to make an A4 sheet of paper carry the weight of a bottle of wine, that's more than 160 times its own weight. It's easy once you know how and the principle is widely used in structural engineering and even in the making of cardboard boxes.
3 Jan 2008
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4 amazing garlands (or decoration) from 1 sheet of A4 paper!
4 Jan 2008
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What is SheetCAM? We go over what SheetCAM is in this CAM video tutorial. This first video is about the basics of SheetCAM if you have never been exposed to it. We look at SheetCAM topics like: What is SheetCAM? Where do you get SheetCAM? How much is SheetCAM? What is support like? What do you use SheetCAM for? As we talk about these different questions, SheetCAM has proved to me to be a great CAM Software Package. It really excels when machining "sheets" of material. Sheets like steel, plastic and thin wood. CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. SheetCAM is a CAM Software Package that connects your CAD Design to your CNC Machine.
20 Jan 2010
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