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Here we set the CAM Programming parameters in SheetCam. Next we finalize the G-Code for the project. You also get a quick look at some CNC Post-Processing. CAM Programs really save you a ton of time when you go to set up your programming. I can't imagine doing any of this by hand. They also give you a lot of flexibility in how you machine and your machining order. I should also mention I love SheetCam as a CAM Software Program for plasma cutting.
2 Dec 2007
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What is SheetCAM? We go over what SheetCAM is in this CAM video tutorial. This first video is about the basics of SheetCAM if you have never been exposed to it. We look at SheetCAM topics like: What is SheetCAM? Where do you get SheetCAM? How much is SheetCAM? What is support like? What do you use SheetCAM for? As we talk about these different questions, SheetCAM has proved to me to be a great CAM Software Package. It really excels when machining "sheets" of material. Sheets like steel, plastic and thin wood. CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. SheetCAM is a CAM Software Package that connects your CAD Design to your CNC Machine.
20 Jan 2010
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SheetCAM Set Up Wizard Tutorial Video When you first set up SheetCAM you should run the Set Up Wizard. Running the Sheet CAM Wizard will let you set general parameters for sheetcam. Settings like: Units Post Processor Plasma or Mill This will give you a basics setup for SheetCAM and get you going. You can also change these settings later at any time. In this video, we show you where to change these SheetCAM settings later.
25 Oct 2009
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SheetCAM Video Tutorial 3 Define Machine In this video we define the machine we will be using after SheetCAM for our CNC work. All CAM Programs need to know the machine that will be doing the work. CAM Programs need to know parameters like: Zero Location Safe Working Window Machine Widths, Lengths, Heights After the program knows these things, it can base the G-Code program off of them. Think about it, if the program doesn't know where 0,0 is then it could start the program anywhere. What if you had a clamp there? The machine would crash.
6 Sep 2009
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SheetCAM Video Tutorial 4 Toolbars and Zooming In this video we go over the various Toolbars inside of SheetCAM. We also cover the various ways you can Zoom in and out on different objects. SheetCAM is layed out in a very simple and easy to use interface. This interface is also very intuitive with plenty of popups and help tools. For Toolbars there are: Show Input Paths Show Segment Ends Show Path Ends Show Tool Paths Show Rapid Moves Show Path Directions Show Machine and Work Show Start Points Run Post-Processor Estimate Run Time These various toolbars are very useful in displaying different types of information in SheetCAM. For Zooming there are: Zoom In Zoom Out Zoom to fit current part Zoom to Fit Job Zoom to a Window Zoom to Fit Material Zoom to Fit Machine These different Zooming features help you navigate around SheetCAM quickly and easily.
10 Feb 2008
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SheetCAM Video Tutorial 5 Jobs, Drawings and Defining Material In this video we do a number of different things. We look at jobs and how they are saved in SheetCAM. We look at Drawings and how we change them in and out. Finally, we define the material we are going to machine. We go through an example of how to change between drawings and how that can create problems. We really have to have our Material Defined so when we go to machine, there is enough room to produce the part.
10 Feb 2008
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Here is a CNC Project that is shot in a tutorial sequence. It goes from the Design, CAD, CAM, Control, CNC Plasma Cutting and then final assembly. Check out this CNC How-To to learn how to make a stomp pad for your snowboard. Learn a little about CNC Design, CNC Programming, G-Codes, and CNC Plasma Cutting.
2 Dec 2007
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In this next video we go over the design of the CNC Stomp Pad. We use Adobe Illustrator to sketch it out. We prepare something that a CNC Plasma Cutter could follow. We prepare and think for the next step which is bringing the design into CAD. We also keep CNC Programming and our G-Code in mind.
2 Dec 2007
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In this CNC Tutorial Video we go over the design in CAD. We resize it to our dimensions and then convert it into a DXF File. Finally the DXF File is ready for CAM. There are many things you should look at while in the CAD phase. Mainly you need to know you design is exactly correct. If you don't you will just have errors and waste downstream in the CNC Process.
4 Dec 2007
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In this video we go through Mach 3 to look over the g-code before we plasma cut. We are checking to see if we have any problems before we go to the CNC Plasma Cutter. We want to see all interior cuts first and then the exterior cut. We are basically checking for bugs.
2 Dec 2007
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CNC to Art Video Series Video 10: This is the CNC Video series on how to take an image to a CNC File. This process is one that many CNC Users want to know, but there is not much info on. Here is your chance to get the inside scoop. For more information, please go to: *******www.cncinformation**** Before we head out to the shop and begin CNC Plasma Cutting, we will check out our G-Code program in Mach 3. This will give us some confidence when running our CNC Program. Mach 3 is a great CNC Control Program. It takes our G-Code and converts it into Signal for the CNC Controller. The CNC Controller then sends the signals out to either Servo Motors or Stepper Motors. These motors then move the axis to create motion.
15 Jun 2009
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Milling a piece of delrin with an endmill and a spot drill. Designed the drawing in A9Pro, exported to SheetCAM then used Mach 3 as the post-processor.
6 Jan 2010
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