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In addition to the roofing division Shelter Roofing and Solar offers sales and installation of Photo Voltaic solar energy systems. The Solar industry is closely tied to the roofing trade with most applications being roof mounted. Performing both in house insures a smooth streamlined construction project.
One in four women in the U.S. is affected by domestic abuse, and abusers kill as many as 1,500 women and children each year, injuring and threatening tens of thousands more. Mary Kay Ash Charitable is donating $3 million in grant awards to 150 shelters/safe houses in all 50 states. Each shelter/safe house will receive a $20,000 grant that will help insure that women and children have a safe environment.
26 Oct 2006
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Shelter Dog Training We realize that remote dog training is a very controversial topic. Most of the Controversy lies with the uneducated. At "Sit Means Sit" Dog Training, we don't only explode the myths of remote dog training, but we believe in actually 'showing' it in visual picture, to take you well beyond 'theories'. Dog training 'theories' are really put to the test when the actual training of the dog takes place. In today's remote dog training lesson, we are going to explode a few dog training myths about remote dog training, and other things. Now that I have everyone's attention, these are some of the myths that you will see. Myth number 1. "You cannot 'teach' with a remote collar, it is only used to reinforce known commands". Not only is this untrue, but until you learn how to 'teach' with it, you will never understand the unlimited potential of this wonderful training tool, and learn the powers of having your dog with the best possible attitude, and for the longest period of time. How will we show you this?? The dogs in the video that you are about to see, are right out of the shelter. It is literally impossible for all of the dogs that you are about to see, to have known the variety of behaviors that we are about to show you, and for them to have known it at that level. If they had, they all wouldn't be in the shelter in the first place. Our shelter dog training has obviously helped adoptability tremendously. The second thing that you will see here, in regards to 'teaching', is that you will notice that neither of the trainers, are saying a word to the dog. They are obviously 'teaching'. We do not allow pulling on the leash, and since we are an off-leash remote training company, it would not make sense for our locations to get well-versed in leash tugging, since a leash will be non-existent shortly anyway. "Sit Means Sit" Dog training regularly donates their time to help dogs get adopted. We do not allow any raising of your voice in our training. Fred Hassen is the background voice heard in this video, during his teaching of the Ronald and Morris, who are new locations to the growing "Sit Means Sit" dog training locations around the country and Canada. There are presently 99 locations, and this is just a part of the three week training process. This is part one of a 2 part video, both of which were taken on the same day.
15 Jan 2007
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With their Youth Resource Centre and Emergency Shelter facing closure, Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) released today a Video Public Service Announcement (PSA) entitled "Save the Shelter". With an aim to be aired on local TV stations, the PSA was produced by MYS's highly-skilled online volunteers. Dan Tombs of Sasktachewan produced/edited the video while Ohio-based Chuck Brown provided the voice over. This 30 second video PSA aims to create an awareness of MYS's Youth Resource Centre and Shelter facing closure and makes a call for help to save this cost-effective service. For further information about MYS's Youth Resource Centre and Emergency Shelter, please contact MYS's Executive Director Dr. Erma Chapman at 1(204) 477-1722 or e-mail ******* or visit MYS's Web site at ******* now.
5 Mar 2007
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Some of the many dogs at the LA County Carson animal shelter. More at *******SouthBayChat****/animal-shelters
13 Apr 2007
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An example of a Poncho Shelter, a simple but effective lightweight alternative to carrying a tent with you. All you need is a poncho, rope and some trees. Well, I guess a knife too :D The night following construction, it rained, so trust me it is rain-proof. But i wouldn't use it if it was gonna storm tho. This movie is associated with the Herentals slideshow on my site. So if u're interested in seeing more of this, or if u're just curious about the knife at the end visit the camping and survival section of www.nephildevil****
20 May 2007
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Toronto Women's shelter nellie's for homeless abused women
20 Aug 2007
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Watch the music video for Angelique Kidjo's version of the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" featuring Joss Stone, from her new album, "Djin Djin."
22 Aug 2007
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A video about the first video I made while living in a per diem homeless veterans shelter and some digression into a comparison of businesses who make their living off of sheltering homeless people.
7 Nov 2007
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An example video with a simple rain and snow shelter for camcorders. It was snowing heavily. For more details look at
14 Nov 2007
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An example video with a simple rain and snow shelter for camcorders. It was snowing heavily. For more details look at
14 Nov 2007
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Prologue to my 50-part video series on going to Hollywood from east Texas to be in a documentary about homeless veteran shelters and ironically ending up in one of those shelters again.
4 Feb 2008
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A mini-series about visiting a homeless veterans transitional living facility shelter in Inglewood, California where I used to live.
7 Feb 2008
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