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A deputy sheriff was allegedly caught in the act of being herself while deliberately tossing a handicapped quadriplegic man from his wheel chair onto the floor of the Orient Road jail in Hillsborough County, Florida. The man was originally arrested because he was driving 5 mph in a 30 mph zone while waiving his arms around inside his car.
26 Feb 2008
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Sheriff Rick Dunlap and District Attorney Myrl Serra announced at press conference that Jeremy Hodges, 27, of Ridgway, was arrested Monday morning on suspicion of murder after investigators were able to follow up on a tip from a "citizen informant."
21 May 2008
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Sheriff Bud Dearborne of Bon Temps, Louisiana denies an anti-vampire sentiment in town.
24 Jul 2008
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Wayne Smith is interviewed by bastropbuilder****, spring**** and austincast****. Wayne is running for Sheriff in Bastrop County and is interviewed at Mitzi VanSant's gathering of Democrats at her gorgeous home in historic Smithville, Texas. Smithville is a frequent setting for Hollywood movies seeking a place with small town charm.
11 Aug 2008
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Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs Tv Opening 1987
15 Mar 2009
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A security company in Ghana has boxes of $192 million dollars to give to you, deposited by Sheriff Kagame of Darfur. Marshall Rowdy Hawkins, waiting outside Area 51, the secret military complex in the Nevada desert, is receiving his share of the money. He wants to help the Sheriff to “Spread The Wealth” In Chapter 1 of this serial, Marshall Hawkins discovers a secret code hidden within the term, “Spread the Wealth”. For security reasons, copies of the encrypted Area 51 Operations Manual, seen in the video, are not available for purchase.
25 Nov 2008
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16 Jun 2009
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FC Sheriff 0 - 1 Fenerbahce
5 Dec 2009
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Fenerbahçe - Sheriff Uğur Boral'ın Golü
18 Dec 2009
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Bruce Ruff speaks out at the Eagle Forum meeting recently about his qualification to run for sheriff and how voters were deceived by the Administration.
27 Dec 2009
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Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong talks about law enforcement and the upcoming election.
2 Mar 2010
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Housed below the detention center, it's one of the most unusual animal farms in Florida. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office Animal Park is open on the second and fourth Sunday of each month including Easter Sunday. *******www.fla-keys****/
29 Mar 2010
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