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Welcome to our weekly Internet TV show starring the very clever video apprentice himself, Matt. Each episode provides useful information about the production of digital video for online and podcast ditribution. Very informative and much fun for the whole family!
The shirtless guy on a bike goes off a ramp and ends up right in front of a car. That could have ended much worse.
10 Jul 2019
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Car guys here's something for you! A shirtless guy, on a go-kart, zipping through the streets with a police car chasing after it. You've seen it all.
6 Aug 2019
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Doing some very beginner tricks on the beach!
20 Mar 2007
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Pranic yoga expert and healer Roland Yakoubov on the La Reina Del Barrio show with cohostess Calli-Kittie. Shirtless Roland demonstrates his techniques with yours truly on camera.
8 Dec 2007
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An introspection into Natures Valley granola bars and a sting/bite that appeared on the hip out of no where.
2 Aug 2008
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Trimming the hair at the nape of my neck while shirtless.
1 Dec 2017
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On this edition we’re taking a look at the best places to stay and play in Las Vegas. Sunday afternoons used to be the time when people would wind down from a night of partying to relax, take a break, read a book, maybe even go to church… but when it comes to Sin City, I don’t think anybody in town knows how to do any of those things. About to launch its fourth hugely successful summer season, Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is an all day poolside party that takes the nightclub experience outdoors to a sunny beach environment. Located at the Resort’s massive pool area, complete with a giant lagoon, man made beach, grotto bar, swim up gambling, and copious amounts of flowing booze, Rehab has become one of the hottest and sexiest weekly parties in a city full of them. Bikini clad women and shirtless guys dance, swim, drink, and gamble to the music of top DJs under the desert sun, and the rowdy and wild atmosphere has attracted A List celebrities, who can be seen in one of Rehab’s private poolside cabanas, where revelers routinely run up tabs of over 5,000 dollars in a few hours time. Rehab turned the typical beach party into an outdoor, all day nightclub experience, and multi
7 Jun 2008
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One of the guys from the band Scary Kids Scaring Kids does probably the craziest stage dive Ive ever seen in my life. Watch the shirtless guy get kicked hard in the face.
31 Aug 2008
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