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Here is an easy way to make a really long URL into a shorter one; this makes it easier for sharing purposes and posting web links!
26 Dec 2006
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How can this little girls arm get shorter? 1st voice over!
8 Aug 2007
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Miley Cyrus shows off an even shorter hair do in New York as she flees from a hysterical fan.
20 Nov 2012
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It is said that on average women live longer than men and men live shorter than women. No wonder they live shorter as they do things like this.
23 Mar 2018
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I am so sorry I've been wasting your time with long videos. I resolve to work harder to not exceed two minutes. Heck I'll even make the descriptions shor
4 Oct 2007
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6 Jan 2017
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Just by doing simple trick you can make your Arm shorter. Try It your Self...It Works
7 Jan 2007
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***********/rational/info/innovation/?cm_mmc=agus_itesdrat-20090909-usitn220-_-n-_-es2-_-m&S_TACT=105AGX23&S_CMP=SMVID-m Eugene Sherman of Elbit Systems speaks about working with increasingly shorter development times, with the software development process expected to come in at just a few months. The company uses IBM products for its development, and by working with IBM Business Partners, its development team is able to find solutions to manage the develpoment process and meet these deadlines.
2 Nov 2009
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Travel Tip: Packing for Shorter Vacation - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Packing for Shorter Vacation When you're going on a short trip, whether you take a backpack or a carry on roller bag, it really depends on your destination and what you're more comfortable with. Either one will work very well. When you're packing, plan what you pack. Sometimes because it's a short trip, people don't plan and they just start throwing everything and it's they're wardrobe in there and that's really cumbersome and doesn't work very well. Make sure that everything has a purpose. Make sure that many of the items have a double purpose so that they work for two things. The basic items that I really like to see, when people are packing is a really good scarf for a woman, because it is so versatile. It can dress things up, it can protect you from the wind, it can cover your head in solemn places, it can do many things. And for men it's a really light weight sport jacket that can be rolled up, packed away, but pulled out and put on with a pair of jeans and look good. So those are the things that are really really important. When you do pack, have a packing list with you, so that you don't forget the basics on a short trip, again, it's so easy to forget the basics because you just think, oh this is easy, but you can end up forgetting your passport, or the power adapter, or whatever. So make sure you've got your packing list and you check things off.
14 Jul 2011
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'Holy Dooley!' Tag Rugby Team Literally Throws Away Championship in Last Second (shorter version)
10 Jul 2018
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It's so easy for her.She's 6ft3inches
17 Dec 2006
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Watch this very simple trick
24 Jan 2007
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