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25 Apr 2010
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Time's Up held the shortest ride I have ever been on - to dance to Bowie at the Cube!
7 May 2010
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13 Jul 2010
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9 Aug 2010
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11 Jun 2011
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Name - River Alexander Aguirre Work - Broadway Child Performer State - Florida URL - www.riveralexanderonline****
15 Jul 2011
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sang by louis k
7 Jun 2018
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Well I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota, originally. I moved here about fourteen years from Sioux Falls South Dakota, and we opened our restaurant 16 months ago in Gilbert. I came here for the weather. Wags, short for our last name, Wagner, was my father. He came out it year after I did. He sent me out here to see this is where I wanted to be; we always planned on coming here when he retired and I knew right away when I got off the plane, this is where God wants me. This is where I’m staying. We serve a whole chicken wing, wet battered, deep fried buttered and seasoned. We're known for our Minnesota dry rub. We have seven sauces, for dipping, they're all homemade, that come on the side, if you want the sauce. The seasoning comes on all the food and that’s what we’re known for. The rub has a variety of seasonings. It's a secret recipe Less than 11. and it's not hot it's a little it's hard to explain until you enjoy it; until you taste it. It's just a very good seasoning. A couple of the more popular items on the menu are deep fried cheese curds, deep fried okra, catfish; fried mushrooms. We also serve chicken tenders. All of our meat’s prepared fresh and prepared the same way. Monday through Friday we have lunch specials from 11:00 to 2:00, and Tuesday is our bucket day. We're located at 860 East Warner Road in Gilbert, 480-507-0910. http: // shortywagswings(.)com, and we're on Facebook and Instagram.
26 Mar 2019
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Shorty Mc. Short Shorts faces off in a fierce battle against white mini Shaq Daddy.
22 Apr 2007
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mini shorty
23 Sep 2007
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Demo for shorty usa
8 Mar 2008
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Don't Forget To Rate And Comment!Cody: Tug-O-War our jack russel shorty and the cutest puppy in the world
10 Oct 2009
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Cody Jack Is Our Jack Rusell Shorty ( Laid Back Jack ) He is something else, he thinks he is human! and a navigator in the car, In 1897-1898 Ireland, a small handful of Jack Russell Terrier enthusiasts began working on a line of Jack Russell Terriers for themselves, family and friends. They often traded dogs amongst each other, to use in the Fox Hunts. The breeders involved at the time believed if they developed a line, using no Fox or Fell Terrier infusion, they would be breeding a dog better suited for their lifestyle. Ireland was then and remains an agricultural country with a large percentage of its income generated from farming and livestock sales. So it only made sense to them to breed a Jack Russell Terrier that would be intelligent and tenacious in the field, yet be able to settle once back at home, on the farm. A terrier who would be able to tolerate and respect livestock as well as get on well with children. This type of Jack Russell Terrier eventually become a mainstay on several farms across Ireland. This type of "Jack Russell" developed a following of it's own as the children and grandchildren of these enthusiasts made it a lifetime commitment to protect the desired attributes, keeping out undesired traits and eventually producing their own type. The results from their efforts yielded a manageable terrier that came in three coat lengths, was on average 10" tall and when measured was clearly longer than tall. Today, at the turn of this century, there remains only a small handful of terriers from these particular lines. Many of the original creators have since passed on - However there remains a few descendants within these dedicated families that continue to breed the line today. They don't peddle their puppies to strangers, still keeping most of these pups for their family and friends. The Connemara Jack Russell Terrier has the expected confidence and pride of a terrier without hyperactivity or aggression issues. This little terriers motto is “live and let live” however if pushed and bullied by another dog, he can and will hold his own. He believes his humans need and require his affection ...and he is determined to provide more than enough to justify his appointment as sole purvey! At Connemara, we believe in what we are doing and the decisions we have made along the way. We are breeding a distinctly different type of Jack Russell Terrier. Our terriers do not typically have the excitability or aggression issues we have seen in some Jack Russells. Overall, they are very healthy and hearty. And their temperaments stable and proven. How we, at Connemara became involved in continuing this special line: I could write a book on this alone. However, in the interest of time and cutting to the chase, this is how it happened: We met an Irishman from one of these families who sold us two pets for our own family. After some time, he became our mentor and a trusted friend. We vowed to continue the line, keeping with the tradition his family set forth. It hasn't been easy as in our learning we have made some costly mistakes along the way. Since 1999, we have continued steady and true to the preservation of the line the Irishman taught us to watch over, embrace and love. I will be forever grateful to him as these little creatures have given us so much more than we could ever give back.
17 Jul 2008
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The latest on The KOVAS Wax On Wax Off Dance Off. The break down how it works and the submissions so far. featuring Lock ' N " Key and cameos from Teresa, Jules, Shorty & Maryss
7 Jul 2009
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Wetsuits are made for a wide variety of uses including Snorkeling, Water Skiing, Surfing, Jet Skiing and of course SCUBA Diving. Most suits are completely interchangeable between sports � the 3mm Shorty that you use Scuba Diving today in Hawaii can be used next weekend back home water-skiing. Wetsuits are made of neoprene, a porous material containing literally millions of tiny bubbles. A wetsuit must fit snugly if it is to be an effective at keeping you warm. We have a chart on our site: View Wetsuit Fit for more info. If in doubt, always buy a wetsuit slightly warmer than your needs. If your wetsuit is keeping you too warm you can always let water in to cool you down by slightly unzipping the suit. But if you are cold during a dive there is not much you can do except stop diving.
27 Aug 2009
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*******discounthelmetfactory**** - FL Helmet Laws - It is important that you know the helmet laws in Florida. We are sellers of Full Face Helmets, Open Face Helmets, Half Helmets, and Shorty Helmet.
29 Nov 2009
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