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Happy April Fools day! This week on Trending Topics Matt gets a guest from the future, an homage to the film Source Code. We find a new pet predictor for the Final Four, make up a new game for the Nintendo 3DS, and recap the Shorty awards! Plus, see why Mad Men was trending and what Elton John might do this weekend hosting SNL.
1 Apr 2011
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3rd Annual Santa Clarita Valley Pet & Family Expo. The Pitt Boss, Shorti Rossi and Linda Blair came to the event. There were Exotic Animals from Steve Martins working wildlife program and expert dog trainer Kyra Sundance entertained with amazing dog tricks. Critter Concepts provided the Critter Cooler hydration stations
16 May 2011
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Playlist : 1.Bolesna Braca - Bijele patike 2.Bolesna Braca - Operi se 3.Connect - Dalmatinka 4.Khan - Balkhanac (ft.Ernest I Halil) 5.Connect - Daj nam milion 6.Khan - Moj Grad 7.Connect - Diznilend 8.BOLESNA BRACA - TRESI GUZU 9.Connect - One su na njemu 10.Gidra - Fakat Miseneda 11.Khan - 2 Step 12.Shorty - Shaban 13.Connect - Ljubi me budalo 14.Edo Maajka - Svi Su Dosli Na More 15.Nered ft. Kuzma - U Mojoj Ulici 16.Khan - Kod Nas 17.Edo Maajka - Gansi 18.Nered & Stoka ft.ONYX - Vrijeme je 19.CONNECT ft. Nered - Ruke na sunce 20.Ante Cash - Prodaj 21.3KI STIL - PRLJAVA RABOTA 22.Bolesna Braca ft.Dino Dvornik - Mali decko 23.Edo Maajka ft.General Woo - Volim Te 24.CONNECT - Da vas cujem 25.Buco ft. 3ki Stil - Ines 26.Edo Majka - Mc berbo jebaim 27.Stoka - Moja cura ima decka 28.Connect - Padam 29.Connect ft. Steven Skok - Slobodno 30.Ivana Kindel - ti mi dajes snagu 31.Connect vs.DonDeluxe rmx - ulice su bijele 32.Lana jurcevic - Okovi Na Srcu 33.Stoka - Sex i grad 34.AliBi ft.Franka Batelic - Cijeli svijet 35.Connect - Ana banana 36.Stoka - Ja sam Zagreb 37.Ivana Kindel-nocas pokazi sve 38.FEMINNEM - CHANNEL 5 39.Bolesna Braca ft. Maya Azucena - Dobrodosli u grad 40.Lana Klingor ft. Dante - Rijci ili dvije 41.Stoka - Sportiva 42.DNK & Vrcak Ft.Connect - Zmej 43.Connect - Suhi 44.Chante - Samo tri 45.RnB Angels - RnB Angels 46.Stoka - Fensi Chicha 47.Shorty vs.DJ DonDeluxe rmx - samo zagrljaj rmx 48.Franka - Na Tvojim Rukama 49.Connect - F 16 50.Nered - navijacka 51.Connect - Totalno to... 52.Franka vs.DJ DonDeluxe rmx - mozda te volim rmx 53.Connect - Gabori 54.Lana Jurcevic - Kopija 55.Colonia vs.Daxe rmx - Sexy body rmx 56.3ki Still - Subota Je A Ti Si S Babom 57.Colonia - Lagao si me rmx
22 Sep 2011
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Best Motorcycle Helmets, Helmet, Motorcycle, Best, Full Face, Snell, DOT, Shorty, Half, Size
4 Jan 2012
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James Gandolfini was an incredible actor that left us far too soon. Join us in remembering his most memorable moments in film. As we all know his big break came in 1999 when he scored the part of modern-day Godfather, Tony Soprano. But there was plenty more to Jimmy's career than killing, baked ziti and therapy sessions. His role in 1993's True Romance as Virgil the psychotic Sicilian mobster and alongside John Travolta in the 1995 mobster comedy, Get Shorty--sensing the trend? Come 2001 it was the role of a bounty hunter in the Mexican. Last year James took on the role of CIA director Leon Panetta in best picture nominee, Zero Dark Thirty. It's clear from the dozens of celeb tributes on Twitter that James was not only a pleasure to watch, but to work with as well. We will certainly miss this gentle giant.
20 Jun 2013
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training my good friend Vanessa
14 Dec 2006
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you've gotta see this and laugh but the final it's great four deck's ollie
16 Feb 2007
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Ladies who are tired of being called derogatory names and feels like hip hop is geared towards men. Its time to take a stand your, "PIMP-FOXES."
31 Mar 2007
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Documentary film about Los angeles gangs and gang intervention groups. Directed by Hakeem Khaaliq
10 Apr 2007
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Amazing Body Balancing Skills
5 May 2007
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short film about nothing, uploaded by HSBK
11 Oct 2007
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awesome vid... really funny... watch all vids on youtube****/ciwoa
23 Dec 2007
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My bros ford mav ( GQ ) in the mud,
6 Sep 2008
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On-location shoot gets ugly with angry film extras abusing film director caught on camera. Film extras to lobby for better working conditions to go all the way to the unions.
3 Mar 2008
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Crazy low budget make-up technique that is brutal. Sickos! What human rights -- the fast buck rules!
10 Mar 2008
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Dementia: Daughter of Horror is one of the most innovative horror movies ever made. Akin to Lynch’s Eraserhead and Polanksi’s Repulsion, this film is a dark decent into madness and confusion – truly horrific. Other then the narration by Ed McMahon, there is no dialogue. And yet the characters are developed, interesting, and frightening. Adrienne Barrett is the lead as a young girl journeying through a wild night in the city where murder and gore are commonplace. Is it real? Barrett doesn’t know and neither does the viewer. A creative masterwork that creates terror without any of the usual cheap props, Dementia: Daughter of Horror is an enduring classic of its genre.
11 Dec 2008
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