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*******panicbreaker**** Get help choosing which anxiety, panic attack, social anxiety, or PTSD treatement you should use. There are so many to pick from but this info will make the choice much easier.
2 Feb 2009
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How to overcome social anxiety with these simple tips that people use everyday to feel more comfortable talking to people.
14 Feb 2009
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How to overcome social fear with this easy to use tips.
14 Feb 2009
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What happens to you when you see stuff you like on the internet? Do you have an uncontrollable urge to share that stuff? Once you've shared that stuff, do you just want to share more stuff? Don't worry, you're not alone. You may be just one of the millions of people suffering from S.H.Y.N.E.S.S. Watch this video to find out more.
10 Jun 2009
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*******moderncavedweller**** Social Anxiety Disorders are marked by an excessive degree of self-consciousness. Sufferers feel as if they’re always being watched and judged. It manifests in a heightened degree of anxiety during social situations.
3 Nov 2009
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Starting a conversation with a person who you've never met can be a daunting prospect. I wanted to show you how I go about it- on a busy London street! This episode contains lots of useful tips to help teach you how to start a conversation that runs as smoothly as possible! www.yourcharismacoach****
21 Mar 2010
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*******howtostopanxietyfast****/blog/ - How to cure social anxiety How to stop anxiety and panic attacks channel - quick video tips. *******howtostopanxietyfast****
6 Sep 2010
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*******mrcashathand**** SELF EXPRESSION Part 2 Watch my video "SELF EXPRESSION Part 1" here: ***********/watch?v=j5sewYFR_Yk Music & Lyrics by Matt (Mr. Cash At Hand) Copyright © 2010 My Facebook: ******* My Twitter: ********twitter****/cashathand
15 Nov 2010
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How do you get the courage to mingle at a party, especially an office party? Whom to approach, whom to avoid … it’s so confusing. But Sarah Ivens, former editor of OK Magazine U.S. and author of numerous etiquette books, has tips that will make you the life of the party.
6 Apr 2012
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How can I gain confidence with women and get over my shyness when I know I'm a total geek? It's very demoralizing to know that all your good at is gaming and blasting people online. Help! Dating Tips brought to you by *******www.askdanandjennifer****
5 Dec 2007
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Eh, I'm simply ranting about my damned shyness!
20 Apr 2008
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Dont be With our tips and guides we can show you how to slip out of your comfort zone and get the dates you know you deserve End youre shyness today with our help you will be getting dates in no time and on your way to finding that perfect match
28 Jul 2008
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Are you seriously tired of suffering from panic attacks and anxiety? 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9 Feb 2009
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After wedding (Befor first night) they are having milk with shyness A little girl also shyness with the scene Have a look at the scene and enjoy
28 Aug 2008
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The number of the killed or hurt was increased by the fiery eruption in the fourth place, attended both with storms and tempests above, and with an earthquake below. From this eruption, many fled to a neighbouring church for shelter, but could not obtain entrance; whether on account of its being closed by a secret invisible hand, as the fathers state the case, or at least by a special providence, through the entrance into the oratory being choked up by a freighted crowd, all pressing to be foremost. This, however, says St. Gregory Nazianzen, is invariably affirmed and believed by all, that as they strove to force their way in by violence, the Fire, which burst from the foundations of the temple, met and stopped them, and one part it burnt and destroyed, and another it desperately maimed, leaving them a living monument of God's wrath against sinners. This eruption was frequently renewed till it overcame the rashness of the most obdurate, to use the words of Socrates; for it continued to be repeated as often as the projectors ventured to renew their attempt, till it had fairly tired them out. Lastly, on the same evening, there appeared over Jerusalem a lucid cross, shining very bright, as large as that in the reign of Constantine, encompassed with a circle of light. And what could be so proper to close this tremendous scene, or to celebrate this decisive victory, as the Cross triumphant, encircled with the Heroic symbol of conquest? This miraculous event, with all its circumstances, is related by the writers of that age; by St. Gregory Nazianzen in the year immediately following it; by St. Chrysostom, in several parts of his works, who says that it happened not twenty years before, appeals to eye-witnesses still living and young, and to the present condition of those foundations, of which, says he, we are all witnesses; by St. Ambrose in his fortieth epistle written in 388; Rufinus, who had long lived upon the spot; Theodoret, who lived in the neighbourhood in Syria; Philostorgius, the Arian; Sozomen, who says many were alive when he wrote who had it from eye-witnesses, and mentions the visible marks still subsisting; Socrates, &c. The testimony of the heathens corroborates this evidence; as that of Ammianus Marcellinus above quoted, a nobleman of the first rank, who then lived in the court of Julian at Antioch and in an office of distinction, and who probably wrote his account from the letter of Alypius to his master at the time when the miracle happened. Libanius, another pagan friend and admirer of Julian, both in the history of his own life, and in his funeral oration on Julian's death, mentions these earthquakes in Palestine, but with a shyness which discovers the disgrace of his hero and superstition. Julian himself speaks of this event in the same covert manner. With Julian's death came the Emperor Jovian, a faithful Christian, and a Church-led assault on Jews and Judaism. The early church historian Socrates testifies, that at the sight of the miracles, the Jews at first cried out that Christ is God; yet returned home as hardened as ever. St. Gregory Nazianzen says, that many Gentiles were converted upon it, and went over to the Church. Theodoret and Sozomen say many were converted; but as to the Jews, they evidently mean a sudden flash of conviction, not a real and lasting conversion. The incredulous blinded themselves by various presences: but the evidence of the miracle leaves no room for the least cavil or suspicion. The Christian writers of that age are unanimous in relating it with its complicated circumstances, yet with a diversity which shows their agreement, though perfect, could not have been concerted. The same is confirmed by the testimony of the most obstinate adversaries. They who, when the temple at Daphne was consumed about the same time, by lightning, pretended that it was set on fire by Christians, were not able to suspect any possibility of contrivance in this case: nor could the event have been natural. Every such suspicion is removed by the conformity of the event with the prophecies: the importance of the occasion, the extreme eagerness of Jews and Gentiles in the enterprise, the attention of the whole empire fixed on it, and the circumstances of the fact. The eruption, contrary to its usual nature, was confined to one small spot; it obstinately broke out by fits, and ceased with the project, and this in such a manner, that Ammianus himself ascribes it to an intelligent cause. The phenomena of the cross in the air, and on the garments, were admirably fitted, as moral emblems, to proclaim the triumph of Christ over Julian, who had taken the cross out of the military ensigns, which Constantine had put there to be a lasting memorial of that cross which he had seen in the air that presaged his victories. The same was again erected in the heavens to confound the vanity of its impotent persecutor.
19 Sep 2008
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24 Sep 2008
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