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Sue! Don't pretent to be sick...
18 Sep 2006
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Armand never gets sick of soy.
8 Jan 2007
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November 2006 (Medialink) - Call it a perfect storm for sniffles. When the busiest travel day of the year collides with cold and flu season, travelers may bring home more than just leftovers this holiday season. A new study conducted by Westin Hotels finds that 79% of travelers have taken flights while feeling sick, and nearly one-third regret their decision to travel while ill. One-fifth say flying exacerbated their symptoms. Add to that dehydration, which impacts nearly three-quarters of travelers; congestion, which plagues 44% of us while flying; sleep disruption, which affects 60% of travelers; and being trapped in close quarters on planes - and conditions are ripe for all sorts of ailments. The study was commissioned to understand the physical condition of travelers; and partnered with Prevention Magazine to develop remedies to help renew guests and combat common ailments. So if traveling makes you sick this season, save some room on your plate for an aloe and pineapple sorbet designed to sooth sore throats; a kiwi 'boost juice' loaded with vitamin C for cold relief; and 'liquid yoga' - a tasty apricot tonic to induce relaxation and bring on sleep. The "Travelers' Renewal Program" at Westin also provides preventative measures designed to keep illness at bay - including things like complimentary hand sanitizer, fruit and water in its lobbies. Now, you have a real bona fide excuse to check out of your in-laws' and into a hotel this Thanksgiving. Produced for Westin Hotels
5 Jan 2007
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Pro Snowboarder Blake Hunter Front Lib Pretzle Out SO SICK!
26 Feb 2007
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Last few moments before my cat passed away because of kidney failure. It better not have been that damn cat food. 1. No im not a sick person I just never had any vids of her while she was alive because i took it for granted 2. Wanted to show how serious kidney failure can be and for people to cherish there pets because one day they will be gone even when u least suspect it. 3. This will be good evidence that my cat was sick if it was bad cat food that gave her the kidney failure 4. she wasnt harmed or anything the camera was actually on zoom and was not right in her face
23 Mar 2007
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Premier Clip du Groupe de M├ętal Sick Out - MTV
26 Mar 2007
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Sick Mind Part 1 - Video art project by Lucius Kuert
29 Mar 2007
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Sick Mind Part 2 - Experimental video art project by Lucius Kuert (www.whitelynx****) with original soundtrack.
18 Apr 2007
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sick terifiate mad cool amaizing
2 May 2007
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Leslie Nielson's coffin break's lose from the rope and starts rocking hitting each side of the ship till "Renfield" ties it back up. But!... He sit-up a bit sick to himself from the rocking.
6 May 2007
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Sick Mind Part 3 - Experimental video art project by Lucius Kuert (www.whitelynx****) with original soundtrack.
10 May 2007
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Me trying to sing Neyo's So Sick
13 May 2007
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