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Kurt skates to Gene Kelly's most famous song/dance in his special, You Must Remember This, 1994.
10 May 2009
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The Song singin' in the rain sung by Gene Kelly & Usher. I put this together myself. These were originally played separately on a movie (Singin' in the rain) and on a tv show (Music rocks TV Special). Tell me what you think.
20 Feb 2008
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In 1927, the former stunt Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) becomes a successful actor with the company of his best friend Cosmo Brown (Donald O’Connor) forming a romantic pair with the actress Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen). In the period of transition from silent movies to talking pictures, Don accidentally meets the aspirant actress Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) while escaping from his fans and fall in love for her. Lina has troubles with the sharp tune of her voice, and Cosmo and Don decides to dub her, using Kathy's voice, to save their movie. "Singin' In the Rain" is a song with lyrics by Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown, published in 1929. However, it is unclear exactly when the song was written with some claiming that the song was written and performed as early as 1927. But the song is surely best known today as the centerpiece of the musical film Singin' in the Rain (1952), in which Gene Kelly memorably danced to the song while splashing through puddles during a rainstorm in California. Alfred Hitchcock in NORTH BY NORTWEST and Stanley Kubrick in CLOCKWORK ORANGE pay tribute to Gene Kelly and this song.
18 May 2013
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My favorite song to perform.
25 Jul 2008
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27 Dec 2011
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4 Jan 2012
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On September 16, An American in Paris and Gigi, two glorious Best Picture Oscar®-winning 1950s classics from the crown jewel collection of M-G-M's Golden Age of Musicals, join the impressive roster of Warner Home Video's Two-Disc Special Editions DVDs. Celebrating the musical genre at its peak while magically evoking the joie de vivre of Paris, these two motion pictures captured an amazing 15 Academy Awards® including Best Picture. They also share an impressive pedigree that goes beyond Oscar®. Both films featured the lovely Leslie Caron as their leading lady, had Oscar®-winning screenplays by Alan Jay Lerner (My Fair Lady), were produced by Arthur Freed (Singin' in the Rain) and directed by Vincente Minnelli (Meet Me in St. Louis). With an assemblage of talent like that, it's no wonder that both films have been popular for more than a half-century.
1 Feb 2010
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*******www.tigerm**** Anime: Kaleido Star (FUNimation Entertainment/ADV Films [formerly]/Gonzo) Song: Singin' In The Rain Performing Artist(s): Mint Royale ft. Gene Kelly (Faith & Hope Records) Additional Anime: Kaleido Star: New Wings (Kaleido Star Season 2) Video & Audio ULTRA Director & Editor [this amv only! =3]: TIGER M Why Fight? - For Your Right... To PARTY!!! And LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS! =DD OH MY GOD this came out better than I could have ever hoped! =DDD This is my 13th AMV! YAY! =D Ironically, completed my 13th AMV on the 13th of December! oO ANYWAY! XD I began shaping this amv on the 12th of this month after almost a month of 'intangible existence' in "the thinker" [mu'h brain =3]) Just now The HD version of this amv is rendering, but I want to give special thanks to musicians Mint Royale and Gene Kelly; DYNAMITE DANCER George Sampson and SUPER AWESOME YouTube Uploader and video uploader rama24 for taking the time to shape & share this awesome vid! =-D FULL song GEORGE SAMPSON Singing in the rain by MINT ROY ***********/watch?v=J286Lnh7CSk Which indirectly motivated my love for Kaleido Stage & Sora Naegino to manifest itself in this [hope-you-think-so-too! =3] ASTOUNDING TIGERMAMV! =DDD And oh yeah... can't forget this guy who has a 50th of the world singing "Bull Fight of Love" while he dances in a Star Wars Storm trooper suit =^_^' Which I now have my 9-year old newphew in Florida, USA, singing as well. lol Anyway... Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya ***********/watch?v=t7X9MQi7uOU And indirectly to begin with, this is How I found out about the "George Sampson" video and the band "Mint Royale" [it was a link reference in one of the videos. OO And yes... people actually DO click those =3] Feel Soooooo centered right now. Please enjoy the AMV! =D After viewing it, you may not be able to stop saying, singing or thinking... "I'm ready for love... [for love, love, love...]" =) Take care everybody! =D It Starts With A Dream... Forever In Love With All That Which Exists (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown), -DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday] -2:12 PM (12/13/2010) (( Day of FIVE Cups [l] - [l] - [l] - [l] - [l] )) P.S. Happy Holidays Everyone! =DDD A Very Merry Christmas and a Superb And Overjoyed New Year's Day 2011! ^_^ Just so you know upfront so no one sticks out behind, I am entering my VERY FIRST AMV Contests this year after two years [three years in about a month o.o] of one of my favorite hobbies: Anime Music Video Making! =DDD [AMV Making to miss a tongue tie ^^;] I sent the original version of my AMV "Kaleido Star - The World Is Mine" to G-AMV 2011 the day before the re-aranged deadline on the 5th of this month. Not sure if that one made it through or not, but I am SUPER POSITIVE that Ikkicon V next year will be sharing my AMVs at their annual contest which I just learned of during November 2010 =3 I've got 3 going and I'm proud of all of them so wish me luck! =3 This amv [Fighting In The RaiN] was actually JUST completed today with the "Action" category in mind. =3 I did a special version of "The World Is Mine" specifically for Ikkicon's "Drama" category which may easily be found here: ***********/watch?v=czqVClF5AVI And a quick note... I thought for a second to make this vid... no I didn't. lol Well I thought about adding "The Twelve Kingdoms" scene where Yoko fights her school-friend just before Rakashu finds her unconscious in the rain in the woods as a potential "filler" at one point [...of-the-sword (=D] but I didn't ever even pull out the anime. Yes, the theme was still "girls with swords" ["I FOUND WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOOOR!!" - *******www.marketingpilgrim****/2007/06/asks-latest-commercial-chicks-with-swords.html] but really... I knew when I had heard this amazingly awesome song by "Mint Royale" and reviewed Sora and Layla's triumph over adversity [including themselves and each other! O.O] that I wanted to share the Kaleido Star Scenes between episode 10 and 14 [Sora and Lay. overcome a lot here] in a fairly brief amv. FOUR MINUTES is VERY brief to me, but I wanted to keep the action going. Especially since a lot of the "action-in-between-action-scenes" are often laced with drama. =) That is blood sweat and tears all the way to the heart-wrenching-edge-of-your-seat-CLIMAX! Ooooh~(3 =^_~ (3 Please enjoy the amv and Your Holidays! =-D And thanks for reading all of this if you did! =^_^= It Starts With A Dream... Forever In Love With All That Which Exists (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown), -DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday] -10:32 PM (12/13/2010) (( Day of FIVE Cups [l] - [l] - [l] - [l] - [l] )) Who Is TIGER M? O.O *******www.tigerm****
14 Dec 2010
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André Rieu performing Frank Sinatra's My Way. Taken from the DVD "André Rieu - New York Memories- Live at Radio City Music Hall". Andre Rieu's DVD 'New York Memories' takes us to New York, home of the fabled Radio City Music Hall. There are 27 timeless favourites on the DVD including such American standards as My Way, Singin' in the Rain, and Amazing Grace as well as such Broadway hit songs as Don't Cry For Me Argentina and Amigos Para Siempre. Complete with costumes, these lush arrangements once more present Rieu as the undisputed King of Waltz. Original Lyrics: And now the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend I'll say it clear I'll state my case of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I traveled each and every highway And more, much more than this I did it my way Regrets I've had a few But then again too few to mention I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this I did it my way Yes there were times I'm sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew { From: *******www.elyrics****/read/f/frank-sinatra-lyrics/my-way-lyrics.html } But through it all when there was doubt I ate it up and spit it out, I faced it all And I stood tall and did it my way I've loved, I've laughed and cried I've had my fill, my share of losing And now as tears subside I find it all so amusing To think I did all that And may I say not in a shy way Oh no, oh no, not me I did it my way For what is a man what has he got If not himself then he has not To say the things he truly feels And not the words of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows And did it my way Yes it was my way
2 Dec 2012
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