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The first official video/single from the Forth-coming Man Like Me album, 2009. After a successful year on modern-musics cool, alternative edges, Man Like Me are gearing up for a busy 2009. Single Dad is the new, catchy, socially aware song from the troublesome London trio. For fans of their breakthrough, rhythm soaked single Carny, the lads will impress once again with their cheeky sensibilities and relative, working-class-hero attitude.
14 Jan 2009
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4 Oct 2011
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*******www.Lovefindsme**** - Remember, Love brings us together. Many single parents after divorce find dating, a real challenge from different aspects, including here time to hang out and also they face the economic pressure
15 Sep 2011
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single parent is so hot and funy, do you want to know more about signle dad? it's the other kind of sexy.
2 Aug 2009
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Dont let them take her away from me, please help! Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Oct 2009
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY ERIK SHUTE You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy A&E’s viewers agreed on Sunday night -- “the Hoff” is becoming a hassle. The network pulled the plug on the reality TV series after only one night and two episodes. The explanation? It just didn’t have the ratings. E! News sees this as a missed opportunity. HASSELHOFF: “That’s kind of what my new show is about. You know, it’s like - the Hasselhoffs. I want people to tune because then they’ll get to know who I really am.” ANCHOR: “Hoff we hardly got to know you! (FLASH) You’d have thought ‘larger-than-life’ David Hasselhoff had plenty of drama to fuel a reality show, but the weekly peek inside this single dad’s world is no more.” New York Magazine’s Vulture breaks down the bad rap. “718,000 people watched the first episode, and 505,000 the second. (As a point of comparison, A&E's Storage Wars debuted to 2 million viewers; more people probably saw The Hasselhoffs inspired/creepy promo ad).” A Boston Herald blog defends the show - comparing it to the ranks of top notch celebreality shows. It asks, “Did A&E even give it a chance?” “Really, A&E? What have you got better to air? Another ‘Hoarders’ marathon? OK, the ratings were terrible - but I don’t recall ‘The Kardashians’ debuting to sparkling numbers." While David had the star-power to back the show’s hype, ABC caught up with the Hasselhoffs and discovered the viewers might have missed the point. The Knight Rider himself admits he wanted to see the 10 episode series follow his daughters’ blossoming music career. ANCHOR: “You two have formed a band?” HAYLEY: “We’re a girl group called Bella Vida” DAVID: “That was the concept of the show was to follow their journey, from the very beginning to now they’ve signed with the Pussy Cat Dolls and so they’re on their way and it took 10 solid episodes.” Adding to the Hoff’s reality TV follies, he left his position as a judge on the popular reality hit America’s Got Talent to be the first star voted off of the last season of Dancing with Stars. Hoff’s publicists told Radar Online he’s calling an end to “celebreality”, and taking his acting in a “more quiet” direction. “‘He is on stage for opening night in London for Captain Hook, that’s what we’re worried about.’ He is appearing in a pantomime version of Peter Pan...” Even though they are off the small screen in the states, should A&E think about releasing the series in Germany? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy.
15 Dec 2010
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Hey, single parents! How do you think your life!
28 Apr 2008
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This episode of LipsticknLaundry on Hot Mama's Drama we talk about the pros and cons of the "Family Bed". Do YOU Agree? We wanna know! Email us at www.lipsticknlaundry****
25 Sep 2009
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Single parents need love too. Here's where they can meet someone special. And yes, it is "kids' approved." *******budurl****/z4pm
27 Jan 2010
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*******easyscholarships101****/scholarships-for-dads.html More than likely, you're a male that's looking for free of charge scholarships for dads, and you seriously don't wish to end up enslaved to some government loan…am I right?
23 Jul 2010
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*******easyscholarships101****/scholarships-for-single-parents.html It may appear as though getting scholarships for single parents is nearly impossible as college fees as well as other academic costs get higher and higher just about every year. Regardless, when you possess the right info when you need it, attaining that free of cost college scholarship just gets easier and easier!
7 Aug 2010
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Bi-monthly video blog series that started as a podcast show, Heroes At Home Radio (*******www.heroesathomeradio****). Traci S. Campbell, interviews exceptional single parents, teens, entrepreneurs, authors, and experts in a very casual, "at home", atmosphere. The mission is simple: to inform, motivate, and encourage single parents, teens, and anyone looking to make positive changes in their life - Sarah Newton guest expert interview - View other Heroes At Home TV Video Blogs: *******blog.traciscampbell****/category/heroes-at-home-tv
26 Sep 2010
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