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A kid beats up the mud so it doesn't mess with his sister anymore, just to make her feel better.
3 Oct 2008
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In this classic footage from 1944, the Ross sisters, Aggie, Maggie and Elmira, sing and contort all over the place. Just think: these ladies are now someone's grandmother. Can your gran do that?
22 Jun 2006
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A time-lapse video of the Scissor Sisters Red Square event being built in London's Trafalgar Square.
8 Oct 2006
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Venus night club in Las Vegas with world famous Pontani Sisters, Nine band, Dean Martin impersonator.
6 Nov 2006
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A nonfiction video about messing with my sisters head and eyesight.
14 Nov 2006
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East Timor, Taiwan, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Japan, Guatemala. These are just a few of the more than 30 countries where Maryknoll Sisters serve in mission. Listen to their amazing stories of the irresistible call that enticed them from around the globe, leaving such promising careers as aerospace, engineering, dance and medicine, to launch careers as women religious, as they offer service in vastly different cultures. For more information please visit us at *******sisters.maryknoll****/
22 Dec 2006
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Maryknoll Sisters come from 29 countries and serve in 31 lands around the world. After handing over most of our schools, hospitals, and other institutions to local lay leaders, we work in smaller numbers in more places and in non-structured ministries such as basic Christian communities, adult education, leadership training, teaching English in China, fostering income-generating projects, and working with people who live with HIV/AIDS. Our Center is located in Ossining, New York. For more information please visit us at *******sisters.maryknoll****/
22 Dec 2006
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This is an acoustic cover of Sister Hazels song "Out There".
15 Mar 2007
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ssn sister
17 Feb 2007
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hey, i kept hearing my sister going down stairs in the middle of the night, so i decided i would stay up one night and just see what she actually is doing. This is one of several tapes catching her in the act. This one particular night, i hid in the corner of my living room and video taped this..Kinda wierd huh...the fire looks really cool, its kinda mesmorizing.
27 Feb 2007
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It started out to be a video on the Grimes Sister's paranormal murder location and ended up being a tour that includes other haunted locations also along the historic haunted Archer Ave and Willow Spirngs, IL. Edward Shanahan of The Unexplained World filmed this video.
2 Apr 2007
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dont sleep with his sister
5 Apr 2007
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