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In a Beliefnet interview, actor Todd Bridges discusses his new book "Killing Willis" and how his popular 80s sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes" broke racial barriers and was a "safety set" for him.
6 Jun 2010
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7 Jun 2010
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While Betty White was on the Daily Show, she told Jon Stewart that she doesn't do jokes about drugs. However, on her new sitcom, Hot In Cleveland - Wednesdays on TVLand, she makes a joke about pot. Watch the UNEDITED clip.
17 Jun 2010
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TV Land’s first original sitcom Hot in Cleveland made its debut Wednesday at 10p netting 5.0 million total viewers.
18 Jun 2010
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Funny blooper from TBS sitcom Are We There Yet?
25 Jun 2010
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Sitcom Pioneer Demond Wilson of Sanford and Son on the UCW Radio Show with Louis Velazquez
16 Jul 2010
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The American pop singer cum actress Miley Cyrus who's claim to fame came with the role of 'Hannah Montana' on the Disney Channel sitcom by the same name has now grown up. Believe it or not, she was recently seen giving some kissing tips!
24 Aug 2010
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Melissa Joan Hart is back in a new sitcom with Joey Lawrence. She plays a sassy city council-woman taking care of her sisters kids when she decides to hire a manny.
29 Aug 2010
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A song from the 1925 musical 'No, No, Nanette' with music by Vincent Youmans and lyrics by Irving Caesar. It is a duet sung by Nanette and Tom in Act II as they imagine their future. "Tea for Two" became a jazz standard and was recorded by numerous bands and instrumentalists. One famous interpretation of the song is Tommy Dorsey's cha-cha-cha version, top ten in 1958, re-popularized in 2005 by adverts for McVitie's biscuits. Another notable recording was made by Art Tatum in 1939. Pianist Thelonious Monk reharmonized the song and recorded it with a convoluted bebop melody in 1952 calling his composition "Skippy". It was also used, with altered lyrics as the theme tune for BBC sitcom Next of Kin (1995-7). Anita O'Day's rendition of the song at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival was considered one of its highlights. ***** Una canción de 1925 del musical No, No, Nanette con música de Vincent Youmans y libreto de Irving Caesar. Consiste en un dueto interpretado por Nanette y Tom en el segundo acto y la letra describe el futuro que imaginan juntos. ***** Softly Jazz: Marina Fainytska (piano), Conchita Castillo (vocals/voz) & Andrij Malyarenko (bass guitar/bajo)
16 Sep 2010
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Essie A. Berry, Widow of Fred "Rerun" Berry, Pens New Song For Women Around The World -- The hot new single “No More Disrespect” is launching a new movement to stop the disrespect for people in the music and other industries. -- Essie A. Berry "No More Disrespect" is written and produced by Essie A. Berry, the widow of Fred Rerun Berry from the sitcom, "What's Happening." Mr. Diamond Redd and Essie A. Berry are creating the movement to stop the disrespecting of people that has shattered the music industry. "There are far too many men disrespecting women, women disrespecting men, children disrespecting their parents and so on," Berry says. This humanitarian movement is all about everyone respecting one another. It's not about denying freedom of speech, or artistic expression; it is not about race or color, men or women, gay or straight; it's about respecting who we are and choosing to respect each other. The No More Disrespect (TM) movement is seeking one million followers both men and women to join and support the cause and to ask rappers and others to voluntarily stop the abusive language on radio and towards one another. Berry asks, "Will artists like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Too Short, Ice Cube and other rappers join her to end to the abusive and foul language towards women and others in today's rap?"(****)
19 Oct 2010
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The down to earth dad to Richie Cunningham on the ’70s sitcom "Happy Days", Tom Bosley, died Tuesday in his Palm Springs, Calif., home. Tom Bosley had just a short time ago celebrated a birthday October 1st. <a href="*******nicheaddict****/blog/up-to-the-minute-news-and-gossip/tom-bosley-death-2">Tom Bosley Death Blog</a>
21 Oct 2010
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Explicit-footage-*******"Two-and-a-Half-Men"-35lind Explicit footage - Should CBS fire Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men" - charlie sheen porn stars Responding to the speculation, the actor told television show 'Extra', "I'm doing great. I'm having a ball" and his representative confirmed that the star had now arrived back in Los Angeles, saying, "Charlie Sheen arrived at work today and is there as I send this. Memo to Chicken Little: The sky remains in place". The trueonlinetv News reports that the sitcom star had allegedly been seen "hammering down Grey Goose vodka" at The Palms Hotel and Casino, despite concerns from his colleagues and personal staff about his well-being.
13 Jan 2011
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Gene Renfroe admires our beloved sitcom stars, for lack of a better option.
25 Jan 2011
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This video ends like a bad sitcom. Where a bunch of friends are dogging on one of their own. This kill video is dedicated to Asteios. Enjoy!!!! Daft Punk - Flynn Lives
15 Feb 2011
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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. In U.S. news — the Wisconsin Assembly passed the bill that would limit the collective bargaining rights of government employee unions. CNN says the fight is still far from over — the bill still has to pass the Senate, which could become a more contentious confrontation. The fourteen Democratic state senators who fled the state are still absent as of early Friday. In world news, an update on Libya — where it seems Muammar al-Gaddafi’s grip is loosening, as protesters close in on the capital. euronews reports. Euronews: “In the country's second city Benghazi, which is all but free of government forces, there were jubilant scenes as protesters called for Gaddafi to go … Gaddafi’s fate appears to rest on the control of a number of key strategic locations, most notably Tripoli. So far he appears to remain in charge of the capital, although there are reports of fierce fighting in towns close to the city." In business news — Boeing wins a $35 billion program to build 179 new air tankers for the U.S. Air Force. BusinessWeek talks to one analyst who says the aviation industry was not expecting Boeing to win at all. Boeing’s competition, European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co., had apparently spent millions for lobbying. The Air Force’s tanker fleet consists mostly of planes that first entered service in 1956. In entertainment -- actor Charlie Sheen went on the Alex Jone’s radio show and let his self confidence do the talking. The expletive-filled rant that followed took low blows at Alcoholics Anonymous and Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lore. "Check it Alex, I embarrassed him in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace his unevolved mind cannot process." Sheen later pushed the envelope by refering to AA as a “cult”. In the world of CBS, that kind of publicity brings trouble -- and as of yesterday the network has officially ceased production on their number one sitcom Two and a Half Men. Time magazine says he “seems to be doing his best impression of how to spectacularly end a career in showbiz.” They refer to his antics as a Mel Gibson-like downward spiral. Transcript by Newsy
26 Feb 2011
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Charlie Sheen may be unemployed, but that doesn't mean he's not expecting a paycheck. The actor tells ABC News that he plans to sue CBS for shutting down his sitcom, Two and a Half Men.
28 Feb 2011
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