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This is a sport which is a mix of surfing and skipping stones. Pretty mesmerizing to watch him literally jumping on water.
12 Aug 2019
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8 Aug 2007
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Man beats previous world record of 40 skips with this 50 skip throw. He must get all of the ladies.
7 May 2008
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A clip from the third night of SCI FI’s Tin Man. Catch it 12/2-12/4 at 9/8c.
1 Dec 2007
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Some people just watch shows and think they can achieve it all. This guy probably tried some of 'Skipping Stones' from Takeshi's Castle and made a fool of himself.
15 Nov 2019
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Breaking world record of 40 skips
29 Aug 2007
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Throwing a tennis ball or a frisbee while standing in water isn't all that fun. So why not play with something that bounces on water, like a skipping stone that you can catch? Enter the Extreme WABOBABALL - This new hi performing neon orange ball that really gets the wow-factor on the
23 Dec 2007
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Do you like sports, sun and water? Would you like a new, fun and challenging experience on the beach this summer? If so the Waboba Ball is perfect. The ball that bounces on water guarantees a lot of fun and will give you and your friends a new way to make beachlife and beachsport enjoyable and exciting. Seriously, throwing a tennis ball or a Frisbee while standing in water isn't all that fun. So why not invent something that bounces on water, like a skipping stone that you can catch? And if that is possible, why not invent a game that is fun and challenging but can be played with just the ball, no goals, nothing extra - just the ball? Waboba is the answer to those questions.
16 Apr 2008
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The Samsung S2 Pebble is perhaps the most stylish MP3 player we've come across in the ultrabudget category. It looks like the ideal skipping stone: smooth and flat and almost perfectly circular, but just imperfect enough to look like a rock. true fashion accessories that can be used to accentuate anyone's personal style ? Available in a range of colours. easy to make and wrap it. why don't you try it now?
21 Jul 2008
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SOSpenders are a fantastic idea for a holiday gift. They are specially designed for an increased range of motion for activities like, running, jumping, climbing, skipping stones, and even throwing a football! Get yours here: *******tinyurl****/2cyzatj . Happy Holidays from Jamestown Distributors!
21 Dec 2010
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AT&T expands family plan offerings, Americans are using their phones a lot when they watch TV, Sony is cooking up a Walkman that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, and a robot that passes its time skipping stones on a lake!
21 Jul 2012
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