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How long has it been since you enjoyed a good night's sleep? Are you afraid to take sleeping pills because of the dangerous side effects? Warrior Health Products presents Warrior Sleep Topical Sleep Aid ONLY TOPICAL SLEEP AID ON THE MARKET! ** CALL TODAY (800) 316-4197 ** Warrior Sleep IS A REVOLUTIONARY NEW APPROACH TO SLEEP! Warrior Sleep is the only topical sleep aid in the world today. It is based upon the natural substance DMSO, a product derived from trees that among many beneficial properties is a powerful transdermal carrying agent meaning that anything mixed with it is carried through your skin almost immediately. Combined with the established sleep inducers lavender, melatonin, and chamomile along with other beneficial ingredients, Warrior Sleep applied just before bed time will carry you off to dreamland gentrly and fast by bypassing the digestive system and going immediately to work in your bloodstream! Plus, unlike any other sleep aid we are aware of, Warrior Sleep does not cause residual drowsiness which means that it can be applied in the middle of the night, "the worst time for most insomniacs", induce immediate sleep and still allow you to wake up refreshed in the morning feeling great and ready to go! ** CALL TODAY (800) 316-4197 **
7 Apr 2012
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