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Airs Friday Oct. 9th at 10pm/9c on HISTORY. You might never have thought about it, but every gun, rifle and pistol--no matter how well engineered, is useless without well-made, effective ammunition. Go on a journey through history with R. Lee Ermey to see the technology behind the very first round of ammunition. Then hit every important engineering development until Gunny fires the latest and greatest bullet ever designed--the high-explosive, armor piercing .50 calibre round. Just wait till you see this round blow up an entire fuel dump! Ultra-slow motion footage will let you see just how a round of ammunition travels through the air and why ammunition is so destructive when it hits a target. Three-dimensional graphics will also take you inside the technology, as we open up and journey inside the ammunition and the weapons that fire them.
7 May 2011
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Slow motion footage at lake CDA. Each clip is no longer than 3 seconds (real time)
22 Jul 2010
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