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Or, something like this might end up happening! That guy's face sums up the entire incident!
17 Apr 2021
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New Delhi: The standoff between officers and soldiers of an armoured unit of the Army in Jammu and Kashmir was being “blown out of proportion”, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said and he also asked the Rajya Sabha members to not discuss it. The Prime Minister, who is the leader of the upper house, intervened after Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Sitaram Yechury said the defence minister should make a reply as the issue was of a “mutiny in the army”. “The House must not have discussion on it, it is a small incident being blown out of proportion,” the Prime Minister said. “It is not good for the morale of the Army,” he added.
10 Aug 2012
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In our office and work life, normally we see the males dominating females, pressurizing and even blaming them for their own mistakes. Sometimes, ladies get pressurized and keep mum, but some refuse to accept male dominance responding them the same way. This thing is not tolerated by males and thus tensions are created. Dream Arts Creations presents a short movie to highlight a small incident which goes to worse just due to non-tolerance, otherwise, it was a petty issue which could be addressed with just a little bit of endurance. Also, these thing effects our moods badly & creates irritation. We can change these negative behaviors' with a little bit of courage and patience. If we somehow or the other manage to handle the bad situation in a positive manner and make it our habit. Then there is no reason we as well as others live peacefully. The female character not only handles the bad situation in a pretty positive manner but also saves the working relationship only with patience and calm behavior. produced by ABDUL BASIT Directed by UMAR DHAMI
3 Nov 2013
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