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*******www.briggs-riley****/ Outsider Pocket featured on some Briggs & Riley Baseline and Transcend luggage styles, has a retractable ID tag. This ensures your personal information is kept hidden from public view. The outsider pocket also comes in handy for storing small items such as keys, an umbrella, water bottle, for quick and easy access.
23 Feb 2010
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*******www.briggs-riley****/ Outsider Pocket featured on some Briggs & Riley Baseline and Transcend luggage styles, has a retractable ID tag. This ensures your personal information is kept hidden from public view. The outsider pocket also comes in handy for storing small items such as keys, an umbrella, water bottle, for quick and easy access.
19 Apr 2010
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use offercode MAGICX for 20% off! at www.magic.iceglow****
28 Aug 2007
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A Space Place Storage on Long Island in New York offers some of the best and lowest price storage units on Long Island. Here, we see a 10x15 Climate-Controlled unit which is popular for household furniture and other large items needing climate control
9 Nov 2011
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This trick will let you control gravity on small items like a pencial. Everyone will be amazed by it so use it well.
8 Feb 2007
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This new luddite paper shredder is perfect for those small items that you need to shred but are not at the office to do it. Besides their functionality they are just Really cool to have just in case, and they feel great in your hand. Very smooth mechanism. Made in Japan.
24 Aug 2007
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Learn how to vanish a spongeball. A great little vanish you can use for any small item with sponge like properties. For more magic tutorials please visit: www.Magic-for-Everyone****
10 Jan 2008
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GHS Handmaster Plus wins a Best In Show Award for Best Small Item at the 2008 NAMM music merchandise show in Anaheim. Handmaster Plus is a best exercise for cmplete hand, wrist, forearm and arm strengthening for any all grip strength and training and power sports, including golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, gymnastics, body building, jet ski, motocross, skido, quad, climbing, bowling, arm wrestling, martial arts, ultimate fighting, UFC, snow board, boxing, karate, Jiu jitsu, lacrosse, cricket, rugby, shooting and archery. The Handmaster Plus provides complete strengthening and training exercises that strengthen the finger and wrist extensor muscles as well as the finger flexor muscles, providing complete strength, stability and rehabilitation. Handmaster Plus is also used by musicians, including string instruments, guitar (guitarist, banjo, violin, bass, fiddle), drums (drummers), keyboard (piantists, piano, organ, organists) and wind instruments (flute, saxophone, trombone, clarinet, etc.) Handmaster Plus is used in the workplace (crafts, dentists, dental techs, surgeon, beauticians, barbers, computer workers, video games, PDA, etc.) to treat and prevent RSI (repetitive stress injury) like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, tendinitis, Dequervain's, repetitive strain, overuse, strain, sprain of finger, thumb, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm or elbow.
24 Sep 2010
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GHS Handmaster Plus wins a Best In Show Award for Best Small Item at the 2008 NAMM music merchandise show in Anaheim. Great exercises for finger, thumb, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow strength, health and injury prevention. Great exercises for warming up and cooling down. Great exercises for finger, thumb, hand, wrsit, forearm and elbow strength, stamina, speed, range of motion and injury prevention. Great for late stage finger, thumb, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow rehabilitation
3 Jul 2008
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*******www.mobilejuice****/wetsuit.html Here's the best way to keep your laptop and lots of essentials dry and handy in time of bad weather or just being near water. Our Wetsuit Deck Bag has waterproof RF-welded seams and a low-profile shape to protect against water & waves. Convenient laptop sleeves zip access is guarded by our splash-proof R-ZIP and the main unit with roll down closure. It is built with tough 19 ounce vinyl. Outside, a mesh zip pocket holds small items that can get wet; A detachable shoulder strap is handy for carrying everywhere. Wetsuit Deck Bag can convert itself to daily usage by removing the internal laptop sleeve and you are ready for the day's packed full of fun and sea. The generous front pocket provides you with a spacious and easily accessible space for all your essentials and knick knacks like pens, mouse, or even snacks. Inside the main compartment, your laptop fits snug inside with a safety sleeves to hold it in place. The bag is fully lined with plastic water-proof material right down to the bottom. The inner front pocket provides you with more spacious accomodation for your other gagdets. The shoulder straps feature dual paddin for your comfort when your load gets heavy. When you feel like a more corporate look, just pop those straps off and use the handles on the side. The bag is sealed with a quality plastic buckle, and you're all set for an action packed day! Wetsuit Deck Bag is available in Orange and Grey.
25 Sep 2008
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6-in-1 Storage Card Case Screen Film Kits for NDSL, this is a combination for NDS Lite series, contains a card case and plastic replacement stylus and a screen protector, if you only need some small items for NDS lite, this one is your best choice.
6 Dec 2008
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Clutter Saps Your Energy Knowing the downside to clutter is good to open your eyes. But what good does it really do if you aren’t shown a way out? To get organized and gain energy, clarity and friends, follow Nike’s advice and just do it. Tackle one room at a time. Begin with whatever room you use the most. Don’t think you have to get through the entire house in one day; that would be unrealistic and could undermine your efforts in the long run. A simple thing like adding a Power Shelf in rooms where there are loads of cords can make a huge difference. Where there are cords for cell phones, chargers, or computers, a storage solution like The Power Shelf can come in super handy. This shelf replaces a standard wall outlet and offers a resting place to whatever item is being charged. This could be anything from a computer to an electric tart warmer for fragrance. Cords can be neatly wrapped around the arm of The Power Shelf, removing the cluttered appearance from kitchen counters and desks. BUY A POWER SHELF: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/powershelf.html Check Out The Blog: *******www.Extreme-Days**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******Twitter****/Godismyrock Join Me On Facebook: *******www.Extreme-Days****/facebook.html Clutter Can Cramp Your Social Life Oftentimes what happens when a home becomes cluttered is that the homeowner stops entertaining. When friends stop by, they may even meet them out on the front porch instead of inviting them in for a cup of coffee. Nobody wants to feel ashamed of their home. Equally, nobody really likes that uncomfortable feeling when a friend comes in and reacts to the stack of magazines taking up an entire kitchen counter. Clear out items that you no longer need, and get organized places like a Power Shelf to store those things that you do. This will lead to a happier and healthier self esteem and social life! A Power Shelf Provides Help For the College-Bound The first lesson a teen heading for college should begin to master is that of time management. In high school, it was a bit easier to juggle school with activities and chores. College will be a whole different ball game, especially for those carrying a full load of classes. Trying to balance work, play and school can quickly turn disastrous for teens who don’t know how to manage their time. To help them, you could take your teen shopping for a good organizer. This could be a book like a planner or it could be something for the tech savvy that gets charged in their handy Power Shelf. As long as it works for them, and gets them to add all classes and activities to their schedule, it’s good. One big way a parent can set their teen up for success is to assist them in getting their new living space organized. This goes for everything from the closet to the kitchen. Clutter will wreak havoc on a busy college student, sapping the energy needed for academic success. Organizing the work area of your college student is an easy task with the help of The Power Shelf. This easy to install shelf rids the area of the clutter of cords and small items needing power. Replacing the standard wall outlet with a Power Shelf gives a new place for items such as cell phones and even the all important laptop. Cords wrap neatly around the arm of the shelf, and the item sits securely on the shelf, keeping counters and work spaces free of clutter. A teen should be encouraged to add any deadlines to their planner the moment the deadline is given. A planner should be used to properly plan out time for study and play. Once items are in their planner, they can then prioritize them based on deadlines and time commitment. A student must learn to gauge how much time each assignment will take, and then block that amount of time out in their planner for each assignment. Doing this will prevent the student from beginning a task and spending so much time on that one task that they miss others. *******www.themodelship****
4 Apr 2009
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