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Bindevre Mekatronik tarafından hastaneler için geliştirilen HemSiS-Mavi Kod ve Hemşire Çağrı Sistemi ile çağrıların nasıl yapıldığı görülmektedir. Çağrılar, Bilgisayar ile haberleşme tamamlandıktan sonra sesli ve görsel uyarılar yapılmaktadır(!!!). Yani bir tuşa basıldıktan sonra bilgisayar tamam seni duydum bilgisini geriye gönderdikten sonra cihaz üzerindeki ledler ve kapı üstü lambaları yanmaktadır.
6 Feb 2010
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Bindevre Tarafından Geliştirilen HeSiS sisteminin kontrol programı ile çağrı cihazlarına ileti gönderilmesi tanıtılmaktadır
11 Feb 2010
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Every brand wants to stand out and in a hyper competitive marketplace such as the Cannabis & Hemp industry it’s very easy to get lost in the sea of noise. TruStrain’s Smart glyph technology allows brands to connect directly with end consumers and drive brand loyalty and sales by delivering point of consumption marketing with TruStrain’s connected packaging solutions. Let’s face it, life-less paper packaging has been the same for over 100 years until now… Evolving into an interactive experience where Cannabis & Hemp companies can deliver consumers critical information such as COAs, Product & safety information, Warranty registration, loyalty programs, exclusive video content and so much more…all with a scan of 1 code…and we aren’t talking about DUMB CODES…. we’re talking about smart glyphs….really smart Mensa smart… This is the power intelligent packaging has by harnessing the I.O.T. better known as the Internet of Things in this tiny little code, that allows customers to interact with product packaging ANYWHERE at ANYTIME, at home, in store, through connected signage and displays that access exclusive offers, content and more stored on our closed channel servers. Powered by world-class technology and support, TruStrain delivers real-time consumer data & analytics to cannabis & hemp businesses with an easy to use platform. Welcome to the future of packaging, Connected packaging by TruStrain Technologies. Contact us at 760-TRU-STRN for more information or to schedule a demo.
10 Dec 2019
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