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When Jim leaves his LG eXpo smartphone and projector unattended, his office mates go to extremes to bypass its Smart Sensor technology. No matter how hard they try, its security can’t be breached. To get exclusive Avatar content go to *******www.lgexpo****.
18 Dec 2009
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The railroad industry is moving to high speed rail. In order to maintain safety and efficiency, industry leaders are turning to IBM's data warehouse to help with data integration and risk mitigation.
23 Dec 2010
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Residential Combustion Analyzer - The Fyrite® InSight is the only five-in-one residential combustion analyzer that utilizes PC software and the new “B-Smart™ Sensors’ technology,” which allow on- site calibrations, system upgrades and simple customizable features. This steady state combustion analyzer is a room air CO test instrument, flue gas CO tester, dual channel digital thermometer (up to 999ºF), digital manometer and is capable of measuring eight different fuels.
11 Sep 2008
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***********/innovation/us/thesmartercity/index_flash.html?cmp=blank&cm=v&csr=chapter_water&cr=metacafe&ct=usbrv111&cn=agus_brsmartcity-20090929 IBM can help build a smarter city by using a smart grid and smart sensors for sustainable water conservation.
23 Jul 2010
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***********/innovation/us/thesmartercity/index_flash.html?cmp=blank&cm=v&csr=chapter_eu&cr=metacafe&ct=usbrv111&cn=agus_brsmartcity-20090929 IBM can help build a smarter city by using a smart grid and smart sensors for water conservation and energy efficiency.
23 Jul 2010
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50 (BATTERY) HOUR MICRO DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER (Buy / Rent) Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 Life-Time Warranty / Guarantee This 2 GB internal and 16Gb external voice recorder does approx. 2,256 hours of digital voice recording. Mp3, (approx. 280 songs!) portable USB HD, FM stereo radio, cell phone/land-line phone recorder, voice activation, date and time stamp, flash memory, a/c adaptor, battery life of approx. 50 hours. The "smart sensor" detects rechargeable batteries and will recharge them without the need for removal. It has a easy to read dot matrix screen. All this packed into one tiny device and is perfect for home, office or personal use. Features: * Highly Sensitive Built-In Directional Stereo Microphone * Linear PCM(WAV) Recording Format Better Than CD Quality * Expendable SD Card Slot Up To 16GB * Built-in Battery Recharger With A Rechargeable Battery Detector * Wide Display LCD (34mm X 28mm) With Backlight * Multi-Language Support * Intuitive Button Layout For Easy Operation Of Main Features * Automatic Folder Advance (A/B/C/D) If Index Or Memory Is Full * Recording Format Selectable (MP3 & PCM)
20 Feb 2011
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More Detailed Info*******www.airpurifiersreview****/ Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner has a Long Life True HEPA Filtration Captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.It also has smart sensor with suto-mode automatically adjusts your air cleaner settings to meet the needs of your environment.
24 May 2012
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Home Automation has been a work in progress for several decades With complete control of home systems and appliances, Today, automation is at its peak Smart homes are the latest in luxury living, A few of its applications include: Automated lighting: lighting systems can be controlled remotely or through smart controls These smart controls include motion sensors and heat sensors Motion controlled Automated lighting is an effective power-saving technique, It saves power using only those lights in rooms with activity Security and Surveillance: With Home automation, you can -Remotely control surveillance equipment, and -Enjoy the ease of remote access control Smart security systems have proven to be extremely secure Homeowners get security updates when -invalid PIN/passwords are entered, -someone breaks in, and -when doors are left unlocked or open Smart Sensors: Smart sensors include heat and motion sensors Automation uses these sensors to -save power, and -detect threats like fires and burglars Today, Automation includes appliances that are not internet-connected IP-controlled power switches allow users to remotely power on/off appliances from anywhere Constant and rapid development in this field holds promises of complete control and effective power-saving features, with smart logical programming Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Home Automation Products Services in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/home-automation
20 Feb 2017
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Indoor Asset Tracking, Resource Tracking, Way-finding, Visitor Management, Security Management with Smart Sensors based on Bluetooth Smart. Non-invasive way of tracking anything indoors.
7 Jan 2019
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The Automatic Hands-free soap dispenser is great because your Soap Dispenser with this Smart sensor Provides you with a sanitary Life every time guaranteed! basically, there are two types of touchless soap dispenser one is standing touchless soap dispenser and another one is wall mounted soap dispenser. Both have their own properties. Users must aware of this both type of soap dispensers especially, commercial ones. This video will give you a brief description of the touchless soap dispensers.
27 Aug 2019
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