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Just another funny video by Smosh.
2 Mar 2007
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Adam watches a dating video for tips on how to act on a date. Watch this video in higher quality & download at *******smosh****
18 Mar 2007
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popart. (that's who popular on youtube) Here are the funny guys from smosh. Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox. This portrait is done with a bic the next edition of YouTube PopArt. (that's who popular on YouTube) Here are the funny guys from smosh. Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox. This portrait is done with a bic pen and a marker. Measures 11x14 ( more ) ( less )
5 May 2007
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Smosh - The Best Car EVER
31 Aug 2007
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She may have trouble saying the name, but she has no trouble letting Smosh know how much she likes them.
19 Jan 2008
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Boxman tries to get a girlfriend. Beat by Lance... (more) Added: February 09, 2008 Boxman tries to get a girlfriend. Beat by Lance Dean - *******myspace****/theellarsound Watch this video in higher quality and download video/MP3 at *******smosh**** *******smosh**** *******myspace****/smosh ---------------------------------------- LYRICS: There was this one time not too long ago I saw this one girl that made my heart explode She wasn't like the rest, no, she wasn't a ho If I made her my girl, my life would be whole I've never spoken to her, not even a word I know that you're thinking that sounds absurd But believe me I've tried, but to no avail When I flirt with girls, I always fail Boxman, Boxman, Boxman can't get a girlfriend He's trying, real hard, but he can't get a girlfriend It's about time that I face my fears Or I'll regret this for years and years Man, I'm so nervous, I think I might hurl... Hey there Boxman, my name is pretty girl Oh wait, i'm sorry, i'm not good at this ...You smell that? it smells like p**s Oh God, excuse me, just ignore the pee Will you please go on a date with me? Boxman, Boxman, Boxman just got a girlfriend Even after p**sing his pants, Boxman just got a girlfriend Why you with a box when you're lookin' so hot You know that kinda thing will get you shot Humans and boxes just don't intertwine I could have you arrested for this crime What's wrong with you man? It's the 21st century Why you gotta go and act so elementary I'm human inside, although it doesn't show Come on baby, lets go I'm not gonna let people bring me down Now that's just something that I won't allow I taught myself that i should just walk away But then I always throw boiling water in their face If there's something that I've learned from all this It's that love is not about a kiss or chocolates But sticking together through thick and thin And if someone's a d**k, throw hot water on him Boxman, Boxman, Boxman has got a girlfriend He's wanted for attempted murder, but he still has a girlfriend Boxman, Boxman, Boxman has got a girlfriend Boxman, Boxman, Boxman has got a boyfriend?
4 May 2008
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Anthony tries to help Ian recover from his cold. Music: Discovery of a Lifelong Error - Giants Orbiting *******myspace****/discoveryofalifelo... Extras from this video: *******smosh****/extras Watch this video in higher quality & download video at *******smosh**** *******smosh**** *******myspace****/smosh
15 Aug 2008
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The creators of Pokemon are sueing us for $20 million. We're trying to raise the money to pay them by the end of next week so we can settle out of court. Thank you for your support. Click here to help: crashed! We're working on getting it back online. Last edited on: April 1st yea smosh
9 Feb 2009
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Smosh - Beef 'n Go Theme Song (contest winner)
19 May 2008
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UPDATE: Smosh favorited my video! that means so much to me! I was really hoping that they would see it and they did :-) Thanks Anthony and Ian for favoriting it. I'm glad you like it! A video of smosh set to the song crank dat soulja boy. It was inspired by all the different soulja boy videos on youtube (pooh, spongebob, barney, lion king) so I thought I would make one for smosh. I had already made a crank dat video for the jonas brothers so I made one for smosh too. enjoy! Comments and ratings are appretiated!
2 Jan 2009
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*******pop17**** Video by Sarah Austin for pop17 Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are known around the world by millions of fans for their comedy series on YouTube called Smosh. They met in Junior High, found they shared a similar sense of humor and made short videos including lip synching power ranger and mortal combat theme songs.
24 Jun 2008
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BLOOPERS: makes a cool video for the Internets. Watch this video in higher quality & download video at Smosh****
10 Jun 2009
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