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Grandparents Do not Die, They Become Invisible… EVERYONE Should Read This, SO Heartwarming! They are inseparable part of every child’s life, and a childhood spent without them will be always missing that special kind of love we only get from them because grandparents never die, they become invisible and they sleep forever deep in our heart. And even today, we miss them and we would give anything to hear their stories, to feel their caresses and look at those eyes full of infinite tenderness. While grandparents have the joy to see us being born and growing, as a fact of life, we must witness how they age and say goodbye to this world. The death of a grandparent is usually the first farewell that we will have to face in our childhood. Grandparents, who assume the active role of raising their grandchildren, leave traces in their spirits, legacies that will accompany them for life as seeds of everlasting love during the days when they become invisible. Nowadays it is very common to see grandparents participating in raising their grandchildren. They represent an invaluable support network in today’s families. Children however sense very well that the role of grandparents is different from that of their parents. It is common that grandparents and grandchildren develop a very special, a deep and intimate bond, so the loss of the grandparents can be very shocking and delicate in the personality of a child or adolescent. We wish to reflect on this subject with you. Saying good bye to Grandparents: the first experience dealing with loss For some of us who have reached adulthood having our grandparents by our side,we have been truly privileged, however others, had to face their death when they were still in the early childhood, when children still don’t understand a loss like this in all the magnitude. Commonly adults are not able to fully explain what happened and try to soften the death as if it “does not hurt”. Adults should explain things clearly to their children and t
22 Sep 2018
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We all know how much our dogs love us and how much they miss us when we are away, especially for months on end. This is so heartwarming.
24 Sep 2019
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This waiter probably thought that she would have to face a tirade of insults after she dropped the birthday cake, instead received laughs and giggles from the family. So heartwarming.
9 Oct 2019
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Majulah Singapura! (Happy Birthday Singapore!) National Day this year may be a little different, but it definitely did not stop our children from the celebrations! We ended our National Day themed week last Friday, with songs, activities and handmade agar agar. It was so heartwarming to see our children showing their love for Singapore as they waved their flags in exhilaration. We hope everyone had a great long weekend with family and friends!
18 Aug 2020
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