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As Southern California is attached by a series of wild fires how does social networking sites help the community? Uniting people around the world to help the suffering and find ways to send assistance and support.
23 Oct 2007
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In this video I take you step by step through the actions that someone trying to gain control over your social networking account and/or email account would take. Be sure to watch it through to the end, I provide tips on how to avoid such a situation and keep yourself and your accounts secure.
27 Oct 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku are all "Presence" networks. They are a way for you to let everyone know what you're up to, what's on your mind, or even where you're heading off to.
16 Nov 2007
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Millions of people use social networks every day, but you need to be aware of the three types of users. Your actions determine what type of social networking user you become, so watch this video to identify which of the three types are you!
3 Dec 2007
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Mashable Social Network Screencast - The MyMashable Social Network by Mashable****
20 Dec 2007
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Visit us: *******www.XpoGames**** In XpoGames**** you can register easily, browse other member profiles, play adventure games, sports games, logic games and other casual online games. XpoGames**** is the new Gamers & games Developers social network: *******www.XpoGames****
26 Dec 2007
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The Social Network VOIS is interviewed by Stephanie Frasco at the NYC MashMeet, hosted by Mashable**** Social Networking site for "adults", with blogs, videos, friends and more.
28 Dec 2007
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Social networking and communities can have a big impact on your business. LRS Consulting (******* and *******www.reginabusinessblog****) provides this analogy: People are always looking for answers online. So if you want to be known as the authority in your industry, you need to be the one providing those answers to your prospective customers. In order to do that, you need to go where your customers are and more and more we’re finding that that means places like Google, YouTube, and Facebook.
9 Jan 2008
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Future bosses now snooping on Facebook? According to a new survey released by Vault****, 44% of employers use social networking web sites like MySpace and Facebook to examine the profiles of job candidates, and 39% have looked up the profile of a current employee. Do you think it is okay for managers to view their employees' social networking profiles? Take a look at what employers and employees in New York City had to say about social networking and the workplace.
15 Nov 2008
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Craig Newmark Craigslist founder Talks About The 1st Web 2.0 social network-Craigslist and real estate market conditions at Inman connect NYC 2008
31 Jan 2008
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iRovr is the best social networking app on the iphone. It has blogs, pics, video, bookmarks, group polls and any of them can be bookmarked as a favorite. It even has the ability to create your own profile and content streams others can join. Excellent App.
2 Mar 2010
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*******onlyalumni**** - The groups feature at OnlyAlumni**** is a fantastic social networking tool to connect with alumni from any school or college! Share photos, ask questions, post messages, plan events, and much more. All free at OnlyAlumni****
1 Mar 2008
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