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10 rue de solférino, quartier général du parti socialiste le 22 avril 2007 lors du premier tour des élections présidentielles.
25 Apr 2007
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Joe the Plumber Calls Obama a Socialist for his "Spread the Wealth" Comment on Fox News
17 Oct 2008
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Barack Obama was indeed a member of a Socialist Party called the "New Party" in 1996, it was irrefutably confirmed again. The New Party was evidently a "piggyback" party for some candidates, whereby they could take advantage of the support of Socialists, on some occasions having "dual membership" with another party. Obama was one such candidate, who sought out the support of Socialists by being a member of the party. Obama's predeliction for saying he's one thing whilst being another has caught up to him again. New Party Socialist ACORN Barack Obama Washington Hussein Muslim elections news analysis grassroots Barry Soetoro religion commentary documentary gotcha! Islam law outreach political commercial Communist Socialist Washington history Christian Gotcha! TV vote 2008 Palin John McCain senator Sarah Palin Joe Biden FOX scandal financial collapse
29 Oct 2008
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No they are not the same, and the difference between them is not just a matter of degree. In fact, socialists and liberals have completely different philosophical roots. A must see for anyone who beleives there is something to the "Democrats are socialists" rhetoric on Fox News.
5 Jan 2009
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Message from José Zapatero to the European Socialists
28 Apr 2009
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Message from Gordon Brown to the European Socialists
28 Apr 2009
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2012, fin du monde socialiste, bande annonce non officielle. VF . HTTP://www.chatelet-hilton****
17 Nov 2009
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Jurassic Socialiste Park. Les élephants et les dinosaurs du parti sont morts. Vidéo funéraire et hommage au parti socialiste. Socialiste¨Park. *******WWW.chatelet-hilton**** pour voir la suite
18 Nov 2009
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BY MARIA LOPEZ ANCHOR AUSTIN KIM You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy. Spain has turned blue, the color of conservative party Partido Popular, after a crushing victory over the ruling socialist party PSOE in the regional and municipal elections that took place Sunday. The spirits of both political parties’ leaders couldn’t be more different after learning the results. JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ ZAPATERO, PSOE: It was reasonable to expect that the socialist ruling party would be punished today by the people. We understand these results and we take them into account. REPORTER: Meanwhile, at the Popular Party headquarters, the mood was understandably more jubilant. MARIANO RAJOY, PARTIDO POPULAR: Today is a beautiful day for our party. We have reported the best result in our history in a regional election; the best. El Mundo reports socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been punished for his handling of Spain’s financial crisis so severely -- that the question in the air is whether he will even be able to finish his term. The 'populars' have erased the socialists from the map. The figures speak for themselves. It was more than a 2,000,000-vote of difference ... The PSOE ... has bled in vote numbers, losing more than a million and a half votes. Motivated by the victory, Partido Popular leader Mariano Rajoy is asking to move up the general elections -- claiming the current government doesn’t have the support of the people. But El Pais thinks Partido Popular is all talk -- and no action. The writer suggests the conservatives present a vote of censure for the socialist party. The idea remains the same: to maintain the pressure and wait for the PSOE to fall under its own weight; sunk by dreadful results, a likely internal crisis and an economic situation that shows no signs of immediate improvement. Yet Iñaki Gabilondo, a well-known journalist in Spain, suggests the Popular Party’s victory in the general elections is imminent. But he points out the ‘populares’ won’t be able to ‘just wait’ much longer. The time to come smells so much of ‘populares time’ that from now until March or October they won’t be able to go on just playing the ‘waiting or PSOE criticism game.’ They now have to start giving hope to this country. Somebody needs to give hope to this country. And it seems it’s the ‘populares’ turn. For some, the elections reflected the people’s voice and the true democracy demanded by last week’s protesters. But Sky News reports the defeat of the ruling Socialist Party wasn’t enough to disperse the young people fed up with the country’s 45% youth unemployment rate. Spain’s problems aren’t going away. 40% of its young people are out of work and fears remain the country will be the next in the Eurozone to need a bailout. The protesters aren’t moving either, they voted to keep their camps in place until next weekend. The challenge now facing Mr. Zapatero is to rebuild confidence both in the economy and in his government. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcirpt by Newsy
24 May 2011
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BY MIKKEL NOEL LANZKY ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN Often referred to as the quiet man, Francois Hollande has been selected as the French Socialist Party’s presidential candidate. Although he’s never held a position, he beat current party leader Martine Aubry for the nomination. Euronews reports it was a heated race. “It’s been a hard-fought campaign with Aubry accusing Hollande of dodging the real issues and sounding right wing. As a former labor minister she also criticized Hollande’s lack of experience in government.” Hollande is known for his relationship to Ségolène Royal, who was beat by Sarkozy in the last election. Hollande is viewed as a ‘nice guy’ and a consensus builder in the Socialist Party, which he led as chairman for eleven years. Al Jazeera notes, his jovial image could give him an edge. “He’s also known for his sense of humour, very dry. And also the way they’d purchase power which is conciliatory, based on consensus, something that the French actually are asking from their politicians.” For the general election in May 2012, Hollande is likely to square off with incumbent conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy. Although Sarkozy has yet to formally announce his candidacy for reelection, The Wall Street Journal notes the candidates are starting to prepare. “Both candidates are busy re-adjusting their images […] Mr. Hollande has slimmed down and dyed his hair a darker shade of brown. His jocular low-key style has been replaced by dark suits and a suitably presidential stiff neck. Meanwhile Mr. Sarkozy is presenting himself as a less abrasive statesman.” Hollande now has to perform a balancing act of both battling his opponent and unifying the party after the primary surfaced old rivalries. As the Economist notes: “Mr Hollande now has to try to reconcile the left wing of his party […] with the social-democratic middle. […] Yet Mr Hollande also needs to appeal to the centre if he is to pick up voters disillusioned with Mr Sarkozy. This will mean some complicated political gymnastics, and will expose him to a charge of incoherence that the right has already identified.” Hollande’s primary win has people talking outside France as well. Although Hollande is more moderate than runner-up Aubry, the conservative UK newspaper the Daily Mail is not thrilled at the prospects of an Hollande presidency: “At a time when the French-German axis is tasked with extricating the continent from the morass of its calamitous European empire-building, the prospect of a French administration untrammelled in its Europhilia and fiscal complacency is one that would have consequences far beyond French borders.” Polls conducted during the primary campaign have showed Hollande beating Sarkozy by as much as 20 percent. However, Sarkozy is known as a fierce campaigner, and the election is still months away. Transcript by Newsy****
22 Oct 2011
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I'm not a socialist. I've always voted Labour. Ever get the feeling that Democracy might not be a good idea when the voting public don't seem to understand the basics of politics?
4 May 2017
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A Short Rant On Socialism and Socialists and their influence in the U.S.A. and internationally. Get my book at www. LULU .com and search Anthony Giarrusso
21 Apr 2019
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National Socialists: Pioneers of Animal Rights
24 Jul 2019
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Read my blog! *******www.politico****/KOTECKI The free market blew it, the New York Times is a partisan rag, and an Obama attack ad was terrible.
24 Sep 2008
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DOWNLOAD FREE *******www.myspace****/meltdownE *******www.meltdowne****/ obama song for the world... it amazes me that america is as clueless as they are. we are what we are because we are a capitalist nation. i guess we want to CHANGE that! our enemies (all of them) want the messiah to be americas next president! i just wonder why? they have paid for his college and his campaign and for some odd reason channel 5 news wont tell you this!
26 Sep 2010
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Holy Cross Mountains Brigade
26 Feb 2018
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