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The Audio Club is the joint effort of Ashley Alan-Lee and Brooks Buford. The dynamics of the smoking-hot-pretty-blonde-LA-thing mashed with the borderline dirty (pun intended) southern rapper from Atlanta makes their first single, “Something Serious,” something worth hearing - no matter your taste. Ashley’s definitely the eye-candy factor here, workin’ it out with one lucky stripper pole. It’s the perfect smash of pop, hip hop, electro and 80’s glam to get the dance floor shaking. For more, you’re gonna have to get over to *******www.ultrarecords****/ and step into the music. Don’t get left out – act like you know!
9 May 2007
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Kickers are running a campaign to inspire the nation to take action, tell the world about their passions and make them happen. Have a look at the video and get inspired to do something new!
23 May 2007
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How Crazy You Need To Be To Try Something Like This
24 Sep 2007
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art of or not..girl make a something
28 Oct 2007
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song..or something or ....
20 Nov 2007
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This is the first opening for Something Wired video.
22 Jan 2008
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Porter Block's video "Something Better" from their album "Suburban Sprawl"
25 Jan 2008
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Dachshund doing something funny
7 Feb 2008
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My second NaruHina amv Song: The Start of Something New (from High School Musical)
25 Nov 2008
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Mike Vallely - Now You've Got Something To Die For!
26 Mar 2008
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Lost 4x10 Something Nice Back Home - Sneak Peek
29 Apr 2008
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Please comment and rate,And yeah this is me *evilAkatsuki* Artist-Lil Wayne Song-Something You Forgot Anime-Naruto Program-Sony vegas 7 Creator-princeofsaiyan **Something You Forgot Lyrics** I've Been Lonely I've Been Waiting For You I'm Pretending And Thats All I Can Do (Thats All I Can Do Mama) The Love I'm Sending Ain't Making It Through To Your Heart (I Hope You Hear Me) [Verse 1:] Since I've Lost You, I'm Lost Too Nigga Feelin' Like He At The Bottom Like A Horseshoe Sorry For The Trouble That I Put You And Your Heart Through God Knows That I'd Do Anything For A Part 2, Or To, Be Prayin' For The Dayyou Come Back To Me, Sayin' That You Forgive Me Give Me Another Chance, I'm Needin' It Like A Kidney I Don't Wanna Advance, Give Me Back Her Hands Give Me Back Her Touch, I Don't Ask For Much But I F**ked Up, I Know I F**ked Up, I Admit I F**ked Up But Everybody F**k Up, Now This Other Nigga Luck Up Tellin' Me And My click Don't Give A F**k Cuz A We From New Orleans, She Was From Georgia She Was My Down Chick, I Was Her Soldier I Was Her Gangster, She Was My Shoulder You Were The Pistol To My Holster.. Bang [Chorus: Heart] [Fades In] You've Been Hiding, Never Letting It Show Always Trying, To Keep It Under Control (I See You Hidin' It Mama) You Got It Down, And Your Well On Your Way To The Top (Keep Doin' Your Thing) But There Is Something You Forgot [Verse 2:] You Forgot About The House, You Forgot About The Ring I Remember Everything, I Just Wanna Hear You Sing I Remember The Love, Right After The Fights You Can't Tell Me You Don't Remember Those Nites And If I Would Cry, You Would Cry Twice To Me You Are The Brightest Star Under The Sunlight See Take Away My Title, Take Away My Stripes You Give Me Back My Girl And You Give Me Back My Life Give Me Back My Girl And You Give Me Back My Life See This Is Just A Nightmare, So I Blink Twice Open Up My Eyes Hopin' She'd Be In My Sight I Remember The Time, I Wish I Could Bring It Back What She Mean To Me, Is What I Mean To Rap [Chorus: Heart] You've Been Hiding, Never Letting It Show Always Trying (I See You Hidin' It Mama) To Keep It Under Control (But I Know You Know) You Got It Down (I Know You Do) And Your Well On Your Way To The Top (I Wish You And Yours Nothing But Happiness Shawty) [Verse 3:] But I Hope You Haven't Forgot Me Up In The Livin' Room Watchin' Sportscenter You Were Cookin' Dinner, I Was A Sinner, But The Lord Is A Forgiver You Know They Say If You Pray, Then You Can Get Your Blessings Ordered And Delivered And Your Boyfriend Is Not Like Me Ma' You Even Went And Got A Teardrop Like Me I Remember We Would Sit At Home All Day You Called Me Butter, I Called You Babe My Momma Asked About You, My Partners Did Too I Know Your Daughter Will Be So Amazing Like You And I Know You Probably Wish You Never Met Me, And I Just Wish You Never Forget Me And Let Me Say, Please Don't Worry About The Women I Have Been With No Engagement Can Amount To Your Friendship And I Hope That Nigga Know He Got A Queen, And All I Can Do Is Dream... Damn [Chorus: Heart] I've Been Lonely I've Been Waiting For You I'm Pretending, And Thats All I Can Do The Love I'm Sending Ain't Making It Through To Your Heart
19 Jun 2009
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