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Ian Spector of Chuck Norris Facts ******* at ROFLCon *******www.roflcon**** Biographical information about Chuck Norris *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Chuck_Norris The Truth About Chuck Norris ******* Chuck Norris sues Chuck Norris Facts *******www.reuters****/article/rbssTechMediaTelecomNews/idUSN212958... Vin Diesel Facts ******* Snakes on a Plane at IMDB ***********/title/tt0417148/ Paris Hilton *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Paris_Hilton Lindsay Lohan *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Lindsay_Lohan Chuck Norris in Delta Force 2 ***********/watch?v=vJq9XriGU0Q Something Awful Forums *******www.somethingawful**** College Humor *******www***llegehumor**** William Morris Agency *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/William_Morris_Agency
6 May 2008
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17 Jun 2008
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Movie critics beware; you might have to put up or shut up from now on, as filmmaker Uwe Boll made history this weekend by beating the tar out of four of his harshest critics in “Raging Boll”, a boxing match sponsored by publicity-hungry internet casino GoldenPalace****. Boll, an experienced boxer, pulled no punches as he systematically dismantled and humiliated critics Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka of SomethingAwful****, Jeffrey Sneider of Aintitcoolnews****, Chris Alexander of horror magazine Rue Morgue, and 17-yr-old Chance Minter with his mother closely watching. Boll has over 30 years experience in the ring, and didn't hold back. He served up savage hooks, head shots, and body blows, easily winning all four fights. None of the competitors lasted more than 2 rounds and all the fights ended by KO or TKO. The unique match originally began as an Internet challenge from Boll to his many critics, and made massive amounts of press all over the world. It turned into a media-inspired phenomenon, which naturally piqued the interest of internet casino GoldenPalace****.
8 Nov 2006
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