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In this video, I get the gold medal in the 100m event, with the CPUs being on Very Hard Difficulty. This event can be a little tricky to beat the CPUs on since they are preeeetty fast. The most important part is to time your charging well and time pressing the button when the announcer says "Go!". Pressing A (or shaking the joy-con (s) if you use that configuration) when he says "Go!" will ensure that you get the fastest start possible. When it comes to charging, I find it best to start the charge just before the "Ready" text has disappeared from the screen. If timed correctly, you will start running when you have a pink aura, which will give you the best boost. Also, I activated the Super Move almost immediately when approaching the finish line. I used Peach for this event, and she gets fast Super Starts. Different characters have different attributes, like having a faster running speed or doing Super Moves well, so it's worth experimenting with different characters if you have troubles getting that gold! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Name: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Developer: Sega Publisher: Sega
8 Nov 2019
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