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dad and son get busy with da beats
27 Nov 2006
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My wife got this video a few days before Christmas while we were at a beach on Anna Marie Island. A dolphin suddenly appeared in waist deep water approx. 30yds away from my 11yr old son. It is swirling and splashing the water. It suddenly takes off across in front of him, rising up and appearing to look at him. In the distant, on the upper left side, there is a brief glimpse of another fin, but I can't tell if it's another dolphin or "something else" I was told afterwards by my mother that dolphins will put themselves between danger and people, especially if they are near the shore...We didn't know this at the time.
30 Dec 2006
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A little story about 1 king his 3 sons and 17 camels .... So one day the king decideed to devide the kingdom camels But there was a problem ! There were 17 camels and 3 sons .... So that means that he can`t give each one the same number of camels 17/2 ; 17/3 ; 17/9 the king decided to go at a stranger and ask him what to do ... The stranger tells the king that it will give 1 camel to the king in order to give an equal amount of camels to each one ! So .. So the king thinks about it he has 18 camels ( initially were 17 ).. 18/2 = 9 18/3 = 6 18/9 = 2 9+6+2 = 17 ... So the king has a question ... WHERE IS 1 CAMEL ??? initially were 17 and after the stranger gived him another one... there were still 17 camels ! THE END Made by CSebastian aKa LaCrima
24 Jan 2007
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Awesome song son of a man from awesome animation movie from disney the have to see this.enjoy
23 Jan 2007
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a little video with nice pics from my son, with super musik. make love, not war!!!
29 Jan 2007
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Adrian Peterson's Son of the Run Winning Touchdown
13 Feb 2007
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I notice my son watching over my shoulder as I am watching YouTube. He sings and dances to Digital Soul's theme music. So I have some thoughts on this. Tell me what you think.
20 Feb 2007
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mr son 3
26 Apr 2007
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mr son 6
5 Apr 2007
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*******www.MeeVee**** - Audrey picks this weeks top viral video: Should I Buy My Son a Beer. From Show #15
1 May 2007
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My son one year and 5 months is trying to climb onto a ledge in the lakes club. He is only able to lift his whole body and is unaware that he needs to swing his legs onto the ledge. Unfortunately I captured just the last couple of attempts as he was tiring. His first attempts were even more athletic :)
3 May 2007
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A poem about the father and son.
31 May 2007
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