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HANGGANG DITO NA LANG....LOBO OST hanggang dito na lang sung by: OJ Mariano written by: Rita Avilla Credits to: video clip by: brandell.0122 lyrics provided hanggang dito na lang sung by: OJ Mariano written by: Rita Avilla Credits to: video clip by: brandell.0122 lyrics provided by: kozuesan timed subtitle by: draconix thanks :) enjoy...
15 Jun 2008
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Wagas sung by: Piolo Pascaul LOBO OST Credits; video by : DAVE (thanks kuya hehe) lycris provided by Skywalker Lyrics subtitiled by: draconix Video edited by: draconix wagas ost, with vows enjoy, please comment and rate thanks again :)
21 Jun 2008
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SotteBo sse
29 Jun 2008
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Ride along with MugenRioS2k as he cruises around the Talledega Grand Prix course in 4th gear! Turn up the speakers and enjoy the whine!!! Vehicle is equipped with too many mods to list and the Stage One Tuning MP62 Supercharger Kit Standard Boost Levels (6PSI). Lap 1 Static X Motorsports, Inc. 9584B Madison BLVD Madison AL 35758 (256)258-6990 www.staticxmotorsports**** Get one of these superchargers for your S and feel what you've never felt before! TORQUE! With the EATON roots supercharger kit, it allows your S to have "all torque all the time"!!! Have questions? Need this installed? Need this dynoed? Contact us: rschwarzestaticxmotorsports**** - 256-258-6990 - www.staticxmotorsports****!!! We carry and are DIRECT with HALTECH Standalone ECUs, GARRETT TURBOCHARGERS, BRIDE SEATS, COBB TUNING (PROTUNERS), BELL RACING, SKUNK2, FORD RACING PRODUCTS, TURBOSMART, TEIN, GREDDY, TOMEI, AND MUCH MORE!
14 Dec 2008
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Audra and Regina discuss sports, acting, and a variety of topics in this hot topic.
16 Mar 2010
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Meet 'Dude Perfect,' six college students from Texas who have taken the basketball world by storm. Their trick shot routine has made them famous online, and even in NBA circles. (April 5)
23 Nov 2010
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Better gets tips from an expert on how to keep your basement in good shape.
9 Jan 2011
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www.mosflyvn**** Muỗi và sức khỏe Muỗi Aedes aegypti đang đốt một người Một số loài muỗi có khả năng là vật trung gian truyền bệnh giữa người với người, hay giữa động vật và người. Các bệnh do muỗi truyền có thể gây tử vong cao gồm sốt xuất huyết, sốt rét, sốt vàng da ... Ở Việt Nam, vào mùa hè và mùa mưa hàng năm, sự phát triển của muỗi thường xuyên gây nên các dịch bệnh làm tử vong nhiều bệnh nhân. Mùa hè năm 2004, có vài chục nghìn người Việt Nam bị nhiễm bệnh sốt xuất huyết, trong đó có vài chục ca tử vong, do muỗi truyền. Trên thế giới, có khoảng hơn nửa tỷ người mắc bệnh sốt rét hàng năm, tập trung ở Châu Phi, với thủ phạm truyền bệnh là muỗi.
29 Mar 2011
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Realy Crazy funny Puzzle Iscow Certified www.iscow****
20 Dec 2011
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We caught up with Kris Jenner on a frigid day in New York City! And she was just as cold when we asked her about Harry Styles.
9 Jan 2014
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According to her lawyer, Amanda Bynes could be off the hook for her bong-throwing incident.
10 Jan 2014
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The A380 Is The Most Advanced, Spacious and Efficient Airliner Produced Yet The Airbus A380 will be landing in the U.S. for the first time on Monday, March 19th, 2007 – with dual landings of two aircraft – one at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and one at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). With passenger traffic expected to nearly triple over the next 20 years, the Airbus A380 will be the largest passenger aircraft on the market. It was designed through a collaborative process with airline customers and 60 airports around the world to ensure compatibility. The A380’s ability to carry more passengers and its faster ground turnaround times will help ease airport congestion by transporting more people on fewer aircraft. It will provide passengers on major long-haul routes with a new way of flying, setting the standards for the 21st century. The aircraft’s significantly reduced noise and emissions levels will help to minimize its effects on the environment. Its new generation engines and superb aerodynamic performance means that the A380 will not only comply with today’s noise limits but will be significantly quieter that its rival, producing only half as much noise on take-off and landing. Its unprecedented level of composites and other lightweight materials reduce its weight, helping to make it a highly fuel-efficient aircraft, offering mileage equal to about 79 miles per gallon per passenger. The A380 Family seats an average of 555 people in three classes on two widebody decks, offering airlines unequalled flexibility in the cabin to feature virtually unlimited passenger amenities. Delivery of the first A380 is slated for October 2007 to Singapore Airlines. More than 70 airports including major hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Paris and London will be ready for A380 operations by 2011. This satellite feed features SOTs from: - John Leahy – Airbus Chief Operating Officer - Customers - Allan McArtor – Chairman - Airbus North America B-roll Includes: - Stock footage of the all-new A380 in the manufacturing process, plus notable testing footage - Footage shot March 19, 2007 at LAX and JFK This footage is free for unrestricted use. Broadcasters: please courtesy Airbus. _____________________________________________________________
25 Mar 2007
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