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Learn about anger and its sources, anger as a control, and why anger is the opposite of personal power. Discover the real source of anger and how to manage anger without hurting yourself and others.
26 Jul 2009
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*******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/ Scottsdale Substance Abuse and Counseling Services We can certainly say that we all lose our way from time to time. It's difficult to seek help, especially once we are hurt. As Director of Diebold Behavioral Counseling, I can relate to tough times, and that's what it's all about, relating to our clients. Clarity, honesty and compassion are the hallmarks of a top-notch behavioral health provider and Scottsdale Substance Abuse specialist. *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/counselor-in-phoenix.html We provide counseling for: Scottsdale Substance Abuse – Drug and Alcohol Dependency *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/alcohol-drug-counseling.html We provide counseling services to manage stress and anger without drugs and alcohol. Multi-disciplinary treatment approach includes 12-Step AA support and other disciplines such as Rational Recovery. *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/counseling-in-scottsdale.html DUI Guidance and Court Mandated Counseling *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/dui-counseling.html (see Services above) DUI Defense Team: This service includes a renowned DUI attorney, a blood analysis expert and a behavioral health therapist. (See Services above) *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/dui-dwi-attorney.html Other important treatment services include: PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/traumatic-issues-counseling.html I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and have expertise with feelings of trauma, grief and loss. Allow a fellow veteran to help you in this tough time of need. Trust in counseling requires courage, particularly after we've observed too much on the field of battle. Depression: *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/depression-counseling.html I call this anger turned inward. Learn the source of anger and hurt. The first step is to vent and eventually desensitize to these debilitating feelings. Stress Management: Loss of job, financial stressors, relationship struggles and more. Learn to cope without angry outbursts or drugs and alcohol. Relational Conflict: Peaceful co-existence is possible with all your relationships. Our biggest fear is that we won't be loved. Re-discover the warmness. Gambling and Compulsive Addictions: We look at the underlying and unmet needs that lead to such overcompensating behaviors. Anxiety/Phobias: Learn how to control run-away feelings Domestic Violence: With the help of a Scottsdale psychologist learn your anger triggers and appropriate ways to cope with your feelings. Self Esteem Issues: Read D.J.'s "Vision of Life" above. You're more than the sum of what you've been told. ADD and ADHD: *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/adhd-counseling.html Do you find yourself starting everything and finish nothing? Get back your ability to maintain focus. Stop the rapid mind cycling buzz that keeps you from accomplishing your goals. Codependency: *******www.dieboldbehavioralcounseling****/codependency-counseling.html When love and support goes too far. Learn appropriate boundaries for your emotional health. We intentionally focus on individual counseling; in this way we can customize our approach to your behavioral needs in privacy, without the interruption of other group members. The session is yours and yours alone. This allows us to progress towards your goals in a focused, efficient manner. It would be a genuine honor to serve you, a family member, or a loved one. DJ Diebold, CAC, LISAC - 11485 Board Certified, State Licensed Behavioral Health Therapist Expert in treating Scottsdale Substance Abuse A Net Biz INC SEO Production *******SEO-search-engine-optimization****biz****
16 Apr 2010
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