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Intel Insider Cathy Brooks stops by to visit Steve "Chippy" Paine of MIDMoves. Cathy uses an Intel Atom-powered mobile Internet device to send a live video recording to her Seesmic account and checks out Twhirl during South by Southwest 2009.
19 Mar 2009
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Ionia Interview *South By Southwest Band Interview * SXSW 09
23 Mar 2009
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Arrica Rose * South By Southwest 2009
25 Mar 2009
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Kevin Devine * South By Southwest * SXSW 2009
18 May 2011
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Manda Mosher * South By Southwest * SXSW 2009
15 May 2009
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Ben Rector Music, South By Southwest 2010, RealTVfilms, SXSW 2010 Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Mar 2010
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Crash Kings, South by Southwest 2010, Custard Records Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Apr 2010
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This is the data SimpleGeo collected from the eight geolocated data providers (FourSquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Flickr, Bump, Brightkite, BlockChalk, and Fwix) during the South by SouthWest Interactive Festival. The live datastream was available on *******, but we thought people might enjoy a conference retrospective in data. If you'd like to have access to this data and more, and/or outsource your entire geolocation infrastructure to the experts in massive geodatasets, check out *******simplegeo****; we're in Beta right now, with a full launch at the end of March! Created with Processing (*******processing****/ ). Maps from the OpenStreetMap project (*******www.openstreetmap**** ). Music: "Pocket Tanks," Eliran Ben-Ishai (DNA-Groove).
1 May 2010
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BY: LINDSEY WOLF ANCHOR JIM FLINK South by Southwest Interactive has kicked off, and techies around the world are rejoicing. It’s being referred to as “Spring Break for Geeks” - a week they’ve been waiting for since the festival wrapped up last year. The reason? “It's where hipster culture meets geek culture, and where Internet entrepreneurs are treated like rock stars.” (CNN) “It's where tech's early adopters get to act like Hollywood studio heads, passing judgment on new ideas and propelling some into the national consciousness.” (Bloomberg) Past success stories include Twitter and Foursquare - and analysts credit their leap to the big leagues to the festival. A reporter for TIME says, this year, group text messaging is expected to be the next big thing. “...small group messaging has the potential to usher in a new era of useful intimacy. Or just help you find the best bash.” So what does this mean for the future of interaction? The Huffington Post thinks laptops are losing momentum, while cell phones are becoming ever more important. “The mobile device will continue to be the epicenter of this activity as we move into the future. But based on what's about to happen at SXSW, the future is NOW.” And this year, big businesses like Microsoft, Apple and Chevy are joining in on the fun. But is the festival getting too corporate and too big? CNET thinks the little guy could get hurt. “Entrepreneurial types … may be disappointed to find their audiences drawn away from the Austin Convention Center, the main hub of the conference, by a plethora of unofficial panels, brunches, poolside parties, and other daytime activities.” And an entrepreneur who agrees took to Twitter to say, "I can't imagine a worse place to launch a start-up this weekend. Too much noise.” “Key thing is you don't want to seem like just another contender in a town full of pitches. You want to stand out." South by Southwest also has film and music events planned. The festival lasts through March 20th. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
15 Mar 2011
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Video set to Sol Cat’s ‘Fishin’ With John’ From hip hop to harmonicas, glam to Goth and mariachi to metal, the Austin-based music festival South by Southwest 2013 had it all. Nashville quintet Sol Cat was one of more than 2000 indie bands that played at 100-some venues at SXSW this year, and their music is the backing track for this documentary short. Tetra Pak US and Canada commissioned a look inside this most underground and influential of music fests because SXSW attracts legions of Millennials, who in turn gravitate to our sustainable modern carton packaging. The docu-short features several thirsty tattooed musicians and one aspiring, wolf-suited fiddle player.
11 Apr 2013
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Here's where we get to see the bands in action, following their respective muses on the streets of Austin. We catch a bit of the craziness of the Sixth Street night scene, and find the bands in action: elephone, Lovelikefire, Mud, Loquat and Minipop.
25 Sep 2008
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It's a madcap race against time, as Lovelikefire has two different shows to play, five blocks apart, with only 25 minutes between sets. Here's more of Pandora's experience in Austin, with additional interviews and performance footage from: elephone, Mud and Minipop.
25 Sep 2008
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